July 5, 2016

Vulnerability, Trust, and Honor – The Three Tools of Deep Passion

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Vulnerability, Trust, and Honor – The Three Tools of Deep Passion


Jason Smith, Jennifer Stanchfield, and I are teaching our amazing workshop, “Shades of Intimacy”, July 15, 16, and 17, 2016 in Deer Valley Utah. We will be at an amazing space at a beautiful house at the top of the mountain looking down on a beautiful landscape. The Cost is $300 per person or $500 per couple. Hotel and food not included. This workshop takes you into the art of intimacy and gives you exercises and tools that you will practice in the workshop and that you can take home to dive deeper into the magical places of passion. No one has come to this workshop and not had his or her relationship radically changed. Everyone knows they want intimacy but are they really willing to go into those places of vulnerability that are perhaps unknown even to you. When you allow one person in deeply, you discover that what you have been avoiding showing your mate is exactly what will open hearts and create the space of understanding and support. Will you join us? Give me a call at 707 354-1019 or go to the website:



Being human is scary. Being human and being open even more so. Intimacy is the doorway to knowing yourself by allowing another in. Find the person you are willing to trust with your most tender heart and choose to open. A heart without a doorway into or out of can never express its true potential.
~Suzanne Wagner~


What does it take inside you to show vulnerability, trust, and honor in your relationship? We think that it is so important for our mate to see our power and respect us. That is true and good but the mistake that many women make is that they believe that to express their power that power has to be over the top emotions such as; anger, resentment, sorrow, pain, grief, fear, etc. When you need to express those emotions to your mate often that means that you are the one who does not accept them. You push them outwards and hope that your mate will still love you when you show what you consider to be your worst self. Honestly, ladies, every man or mate, already knows your worst side. When you need to express it you are attempting to learn to love it, only if the one you love can love it. Now, that will work. But it is also an avoidance of a deeper place of intimacy. I think at first when we do shadow work, we go for the ego patterns that we think we need. Those are often things like power, anger, intelligence, etc. But I find that what your man or mate craves more is your vulnerability, trust, and honor. There is a juicyness that is amazing in vulnerability. Do you really want to live your whole life without showing any vulnerability? Do you really want to live a life with no one ever knowing the true you? I don’t believe that is true. But it is more scary to show vulnerability than power…..by a lot. Only when you learn to love your own vulnerability can you learn to trust it. When you trust your deepest and most vulnerable self then you can learn to trust others and respect their expertise. Only when you have a mate that you can trust will you be able to discover how to honor them by dropping into the space of being a “hollow bamboo”. That means you respect their direction and skill. You trust them to figure something out. You are willing to be open and do what is needed. In this world of ours, we have created a lot of independent, strong willed women. But those women are desperate for safety and to be able to let go, drop all the strength, and fall into the accepting arms of the one you love. No one is perfect. No one can be strong all the time. No one can handle every crisis without support. Let your mate in. Let your mate be the one who can protect your back and that you know you can trust in a desperate moment. You are not weaker by acknowledging that. You are stronger together than you will be if you remain apart.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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