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Numerology/Astrology for 8/11/21

8/11/21 is the number = 15

Add the 8 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 15. Or 1 + 5 = 6.

Today the Number 6 reminds us that the spiritual world within has the ability to fill in the gap’s that life leaves out.
It is a doorway to the inner world and that world that is outside our tangible experience. There are so many things that we just don’t completely understand. That is why at a certain point everyone realizes that others can’t give us the answers we are seeking.

When the meanness of the world tries to overwhelm your psyche, do not look to get angry at others, recognize that their words and actions show that they hate their world and their life. But that does not have to be your world.
That is why there are moments that words fail to mend the broken hearts of others who choose to believe in the many distortions that are out there in the world.
When the words of others continuously refuse to embrace hope, that is when the answer lies in no words at all (the number 6). That is when I go within and send light and love to them.
But their choice also allows you to choose to step back from them and stop allowing those words into your reality.
There are big differences in how the intentions of someone’s actions are instigated.
When you are in touch with the intention that another’s words imply, and you feel the rage and hate in those words, that is when you get to step back and away from that person’s reality and allow them to suffer in the pain of the space of hopelessness that they have decided to embrace.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon will be in Virgo till the evening shift at which point it moves into the graceful and renewing sign of Libra.

How can we help others at this time?
The bigger issue is to recognize those that do not want help.
Life is the teacher … not us.
Life shows the mistakes and is ruthless in how it shows when we have chosen poorly.
While knowledge is helpful. Experience is king when it comes to making choices that will stand up against the onslaught of time. Age does not necessarily give wisdom. But we hope that life experience gives a practicality and a grounded common sense to our thoughts, actions, and words.
Venus minorly squares with Saturn and then will trine with Pluto. Many things are quaking below the surface. Many things will cause us to relate in ways that may or may not support improvements in our current situations.
Anxiety is bubbling up as we sense the troubles that continue to mount in a world burning up and one that is clearly out of control.

While we want depth, we need to learn that the first step towards that depth is to learn to cherish others, animals, plants, and nature. Depth is a natural byproduct when you choose to notice and care for life.

Venus and Pluto transit in a way that might show that patience will give a much-needed advantage. Too many things are on the edge.

Mercury goes into Virgo and will be there till the 30th of August. It is important to pick our words carefully. Notice what types of speech you are letting into your psyche and notice what types of things that might be creating in your life.
Look at the details and notice how they make you feel. Do not let yourself get caught up in those details too much because acting like you know everything simply shows how much we don’t actually know.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I aligned with the sun and touched the sky.

I understood that life never just stands by.

I let the light touch my heart.

I learned that minds think they are very smart.
I fear for those whose hope is lost.

I recognize that such a choice comes at a cost.
It is not measured in a nickel or a dime.
But in the bells that toll from the deaths that climb.
I hear those plaintive sounds that wail.
Those lives cut short on a massive scale.
I am not in charge of who lives or dies.
I can only share wisdom and try to apprise.
Too many are losing too much.
So be very kind and speak with a soft touch.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Never have our choices become so clear.
Never have lives becomes so dear.

I remember the angels telling me about this time.
When I was so young and in my prime.
They said that I would witness a great fall.
That so many would die that I could not recall.
That life as we know it would be forever changed.
And some would collapse and become the deranged.
That this had happened in other times.
And much would be lost to the incessant crimes.
But hope would live within those precious few.
Who made a choice to protect and attend to.
Those things that matter in life the most.
And chose to protect truth rather than the grandiose.

I have learned that in life, we all make our choices.

I have learned that I cannot stop anyone from their karmic process.
I have learned that it matters not if I am right or wrong.
I have learned that egos only get in the way of witnessing those things that hurt our heart.

Because of those truths, I know that the pain that humanity repeatedly chooses has nothing to do with me.

Because of those truths, I have to watch too much suffering.

Because of those truths, my ego cannot just walk away.

Because of those truths, I cannot keep my heart out of the fray.

Egos make things black and white.

They are a part of the duality that exists in this reality.
But they cannot bring wholeness because their intent is to divide.

Egos love to exclaim all sorts of things with pride.

I am asked again and again to witness the trauma and pain.
Of a world that refuses to do what is right for all.
Selfishness is a poison more toxic that strychnine.
Righteousness is the needle that injects the poison.

I recognize that being the witness of such suffering hurts my heart.
I know that it will eventually break me and allow me to restart.

It matters not in the bigger scheme of things.

It shows that life will continue and begin again.

I do not worry that my eyes will see so many that do not care.
I have learned to watch and wonder while I stare.
My eyes cry tears for those who cannot cry.

My eyes will show the depth of my heart even when I die.

Within the spaces of non-linear time.

We will gather again because there we do align.
We seek to get more love into this place.

We seek to learn how to shift hate into grace.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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