August 11, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 8/12/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 8/12/16
8/12/16 is the number 20. The issues of duality are painfully apparent. The issues of where you are still caught in your human condition and battling the density inside your mind and heart and painfully obvious. You stand at the point of awakening to the places where you still hold negativity in your body. This is a moment of choice. Will you break through and open to your divine nature or be pulled once again down into the battlefield of duality where no one ever really wins? What wins is love and acceptance. What wins is the not being attached to anyone or anything. What wins is when you finally decide that you are whole and complete regardless of what other people do or choose. That does not mean there are not places to grow. It just means that growth first needs acceptance and love for yourself to feel safe to spring to the next level.
~Suzanne Wagner~
Today’s astrology is from Ralfee Finn’s Tranformational Astrology Weekly Forecast from August 10-16. Enjoy!
“The status quo won’t work this week, and trying to hold onto what was in an effort to understand what is will be nothing more than a useless attempt to control the uncontrollable. Life, as we have been learning all along, is an uncontrollable mystery powered by forces bigger than anyone understands, and all attempts to make it make sense—including astrology—eventually fail. So rather than suffer over the pieces of your personal puzzle that just won’t fit, or the mosaic of the collective picture that appears aberrant, just let go. That’s right…release your grip. And in the letting go, allow yourself to experience a deep and abiding humility that knows better than to struggle in vain. We are all in a deep, rapidly shifting transformational process, and all that is actually required to make it through these waves is the willingness to grow—even and especially if we don’t know what the outcome will be.
The source of our heightened awareness of just how little control is possible can be attributed to the ongoing Sun/Uranus trine. This positive and powerful fiery interaction is exact and separating on August 16; it stays operative until Thursday, August 25. A Sun/Uranus trine, in addition to being the signature for liberation (see last week’s column on Uranus and independence), is also a highly creative force that burns away stodgy, stuffy and stagnant habits that no longer serve. And in the heat of this seeming destruction, the Sun/Uranus trine simultaneously sows seeds of new vibrant enlivened perspectives and attitudes. Either way, this Sun/Uranus process can be quite intense. But if you’re willing to withstand the heat, miracles can occur (yes…miracles), especially miraculous moments of realization coupled with positive action (and no…I am not exaggerating). The Sun is in Leo, after all, the Sign of creative self-expression. Uranus is in Aries, the Sign of individuation, and working together they ignite the possibilities of positive, generous-hearted change. Risk being completely and absolutely yourself and you’ll emerge from these next two weeks deeply aware of just how creative you can be.
In counterpoint to the vibrancy of the Sun/Uranus trine, we’re also under the influence of a Mars/Saturn conjunction. This coupling is in Sagittarius, the third of the Fire Signs, but given the contrasting signatures of Mars and Saturn, this interaction promises to be less beneficial. Saturn symbolizes structure, limitation and boundaries. Mars represents movement and muscle. And when they are conjunct or share similar space, Saturn tends to inhibit Martian motion, and Mars, also the archetype of the warrior, tends to get mad. The intensity of these conflicting impulses tends toward unbridled anger as a way of breaking free from inhibition, especially if those limitations are perceived as unjust. But all too often that anger expresses itself as a punishing attitude. So think before you speak or act, and in the best of all possible worlds, put off any harsh ultimatums until after Labor Day.
A Mars/Saturn conjunction isn’t only negative. Handled well, this concentrated energy is just that, and it can manifest as incredible endurance, the kind of staying power that can see something—almost anything—through to the end, even when finishing seems impossible. Aim this energy at tasks requiring great effort and you’ll put its power to good use.
This week is the perfect cosmic moment to stand your current situation on its head with the intention of embracing a new perspective. And while some of what shakes out could be uncomfortable, if you allow the process to unfold, some of what you uncover could be incredible. As always, be kind to yourself and to others. A generous attitude benefits everyone.”
~Ralfee Finn~
Envy slays itself by its own arrows.
~The Fresh Quotes~
Envy is the ulcer of the soul.

Envy and jealously are the yellow and green-eyed monsters of our world. Each of us has felt both of them at different times. And these energies wound you, never the other. It is difficult to sort out these energies because envy is a mixture of longing and inadequacy. Jealously is a mixture of fear of loss and anger. It is important to sort out the two emotions inside your body separately before trying to navigate the single combined emotion. Complex emotions always include two strong feelings pushing and pulling against each other. In Envy you long for something that you do not have and then fear that you are inadequate to attain in this life. That longing with the feeling of helplessness is a lethal combination that creates excessive stuckness in the body that is difficult to navigate your way through. You first start with the longing. Check to see if you really want that or if you just believe that you should want that. Do you somehow feel as if it is important for you to have this thing to be okay or noticed in the world? We can only be who we can be. We cannot be another person. Envy manifests when you believe that you need to be something that you are not. If you are not that thing then of course you will feel inadequate to manifest that thing. How could you? Each person has particular gifts and talents. Each person has ways of being that show us alternatives to what and who we are. But as much as some of those tools and abilities can be learned and integrated, there are others that do not fit completely into our energy or matrix and we much just admire them from a distance and see the beauty that is uniquely theirs. The same is true for jealousy. In jealousy you have a mixture of fear of loss and anger. Jealously arises when you have encountered a situation that brings up a fear that you will loose a person, money, or a situation. Then you become angry that you are experiencing that fear. Anger is often a way to hide from the fear you are feeling. The fear is the primary emotion but the secondary knee-jerk reaction is anger. In this case get to know your fear. Really look at whether what you fear is accurate. What if your fear came true and you lost that person or thing? Would you still survive? Of course you would. So the fear is an illusion and manifestation of the ego in action. The fear is a tool that your ego uses to keep you in misery and upset. The anger is the way you lash out at others in order to make them feel bad the way you are feeling but this perpetuates a negative loop of damage and dysfunction that will feed upon itself until it breaks you and your body down. Do you really want to damage yourself even more? Hopefully not. Neither of these emotions, envy or jealousy are high functioning feelings. These are energies that pull you into your primal brain and into the tribal warfare part of your ego mind where it is either about them, or us winning or loosing. Yes, these are energies of the duality of this world but you are here to learn to transcend them and move beyond the dense aspects of the human condition and open to a place where all things, all experience, and all people are unique and special in their own way. You cannot be everyone and everything. You do not need to even try. You only need to be the most loving and authentic self that you can be, a person who gives permission for everyone to show and give there unique gifts on this planet.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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