August 12, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 8/13/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 8/13/16

8/13/16 is the number 3. Some of the heaviness of the last few days is finally lifting astrologically and numerologically. That is good news all the way around. It is so difficult to hold a positive tone when everything around you is filled with internet information that looks honest and truthful but is actually filled with lies meant to deceive the less knowledgeable and those who are not interested in the facts. What has happened to our culture that we are in a place of believing anything and everything that is printed out there in the world? Everyone has been caught by this to a greater or lesser degree so I am not pointing fingers because this level of calculated deception has been growing over time because of the vast numbers of people that propagate it. It is time to become connected to the fact checkers in the information industry. This type of rhetoric is very damaging and has the ability to completely break down societies the world over. This is the moment to let go of the desire for negative information and to be proactive in the fact checking reality. I see more and more of that happening out there on the internet, so when someone puts something up that is false, another calls it out and references a fact checking organization. Bravo to those people! Yes, the world is having a tough time but there are ways to make it better and this number 3 is about actively seeking those positions and supporting those fact-checking organizations. May the truth prevail over falseness!
~Suzanne Wagner~


The truth is out there. The lies are in your mind. They are a creation of your own self-deception to protect your wounded self.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Truth will always remain and is the shore at the end of the wave of chaos. The lies will always break apart when it hits the shore of truth.
~Suzanne Wagner~



A coward plays a game of hide and seek with the truth. A coward plays to a person’s prejudices. A coward is a master manipulator of the uneducated and those already distorted by a life of illusion. A coward prays upon those who can be twisted and turned to their own advantage. A coward uses people to get only what they want …. more power. A coward actually knows the truth but refuses to acknowledge it. They thrive on thinking they are smarter and more capable than others and that their intelligence can outwit those that they see as less than them. A coward is a user of people. A coward weaves traps with lies and plays games with deceit. The weak-minded are lost in the maze, unable to see truth from illusion, and fall into the trap set by the coward only to be used as a battering ram for their own purpose at a later time. What happened to America being a country of free minded, independent people who do not fall for the illusion? We have allowed a culture to be created that has allowed a type of passivity to become the norm where we know there are those out there breeding lies and half-truths but we do not speak up about it. Fortunately this huge distortion wave is breaking down upon itself. The lies are imploding and breaking apart their own creation. That is how this goes. Truth will always remain and is the shore at the end of the wave of chaos. The lies will always break apart when it hits the shore of truth.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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