August 12, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 8/13/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 8/13/15
August 13th is the number 20. There is a tremendous amount of duality obviously in the space. You want to move things along and there is an energetic push prompting you to do just that but then the mind’s thoughts and blocks start getting in the way of true action. It can be frustrating. Do what you can to get your feet on the ground rather than flying in the air. Only from that grounded perspective can real movement happen. We can think about things forever but then we always have the excuse that we do not have enough time. Choose to escape the traps of the mind. Allow that feeling of actual movement be just the energy you have been craving. There is great satisfaction in accomplishing even the smallest task today. The Moon is in Leo all day, encouraging you to express yourself in warm and affectionate ways. The Sun forms a trine with Uranus and a quincunx with Chiron this morning. The trine occurring in fire signs favors an energetic and spirited approach to your life. Pleasant changes may be part of the picture. You might make some creative changes or discoveries today and your willingness to take a few creative risks and to experiment may be the key to success now. Nevertheless, with the quincunx, you may need to fight off feelings of doubt or guilt. An influence that first occurred in November 2014 and then again in June 2015 is exact for the final time in this set: Saturn semi-square Pluto. Power struggles, frustration, and manipulation are themes of this long-term transit. Confrontations tend to amount to frustration or lead you nowhere. You desire change but feel blocked by others or by circumstances. Persistence will pay off in the end. You will need to adjust your expectations. The Moon is Balsamic, with a New Moon occurring in the sign of Leo tomorrow, suggesting that it’s better to reflect and tie up loose ends than to begin all-new ventures.
~Suzanne Wagner~
A man is known by the silence he keeps.

~Oliver Herford~

Knowing when to speak and when to listen is an art of observation. When you are not consciously aware of your surroundings you can speak in a way that you run off at the mouth or ramble. Sometimes you are trying to understand a pattern or concept by thinking out loud but generally this is not the best manner of communicating with others or especially in a group. Instead of trying to jump into a conversation, try to calming observe the flow of that conversation and the nature of the participants speaking. There are moments when two people are the dominant ones in the conversation and in reality others are on the back burner not really being noticed or engaged. There are other times when there is one person dominating the conversation and they just like to hear themselves talk. Generally, I try to wait for an opening or to notice if I have something of value to add to the conversation. More importantly, I may try to gently guide the conversation off a heated topic and into some other issue that takes the heat and sting out of the present discussion and bring a sense of balance back into the conversation.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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