August 13, 2015

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Numerology/Astrology for 8/14/15
August 14th is the number 3. This is a number of positive mind in it is completely in alignment with the fact that we are also having the Moon renew itself in the powerful loving sign of Leo. I personally am looking forward to this cycle. Leo rules the heart and the charismatic expression of energy that wants to reach out and inspire, enliven, and give confidence to the world. These last few cycles I know of many hearts that have suffered and have felt the pain of the situations surrounding them. It has been difficult to feel into the suffering of the world and not take a hit energetically of everyone around you. This new moon is squaring Saturn, making things seem serious and forcing you to make some choices and decisions. On many levels it is time to choose. Fortunately, Uranus is trine the new Moon making things soften a bit and helping you break out of the old mindset that has allowed you to take the hit. It is as if your heart cannot take another hit so you now have to make choices that protect and defend your deepest and most delicate self right now. There are some new and creative options right now coming to the surface of your awareness but you need to act over the next month or you will loose out on some critical timing things. The Moon is conjuncting Venus and this is a wonderful time to do some sort of emotional clearing from the standpoint of what has harmed your heart and allow that to release. Your heart has not forgotten the suffering that has been inflicted upon it and it is time to see the complicated path you have taken to move forward in your life. Look at all the places where you have energetically moved around the wound, like a tennis ball in the middle of an electrical circuit. You have a window to take the ball out and to allow a smoother rewiring of your energy. It takes a long time to understand the complexities of patterns of your own heart but today can be a place of significant growth in that pathway to reclamation.
~Suzanne Wagner~
Sometimes the hardest part isn’t letting go but rather learning to start over.

~Criminal Minds~

Admit it. You have put an exorbitant amount of energy into making this life look a particular way. You are attached to the self-image you have been projecting into the world. But now you are questioning that choice and those particular values. Are they real? Do they take a ton of energy to constantly reinforce? Are the worth it? What could be simpler and easier? What would be more organic and flow better? Exhaustion has allowed you to rethink this pattern and the universe is giving you a huge mirror to see beyond the façade of your creation and into the heart and essence of who you really are instead. Take this as an opportunity to make a huge shift in your awareness. You fear that if you acknowledge the truth, your world will break down and all will be lost. But that is not always true. Often when you tell the truth, that truth tears down the distortion and then you rebuild based on an expression of fluid flow rather than a desire to protect and defend against the truth of your reality.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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