August 30, 2019

Numerology/Astrology for 8/31/19 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 8/31/19

8/31/19 is the number 6.  Your heart calls out to the divine. But you begin to realize that this world will not be rescued by the divine. It will have to be when each of us connect to that divine spark within us and allow that spark to guide us through the many very difficult steps that it will take on a global level to change. It is fully up to us. It is completely our fault. God does not do the horrible things happening right now in this world, man does. And it is up to those with the good hearts and the truth within their soul to take back the control from those that intend only hate, harm, and self-gratification. I know within the majority of humanity is that core center of spiritual right and wrong. And it is to those souls that the responsibility now lies. It will be up to those with sincere love for this world to take back the control from those that do not care about anyone but themselves. It will be a hard road. It will take decades to fix what has been broken down in the last few years. But we must for our children and our children’s children.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon will be in organized Virgo until this evening at which point it goes into the sign of Libra. This may help with a more balanced perspective and give things (such as relationships) more time and attention. Shifts in perspective help to bring you into a better balance. Harmony and connection with others is a deep draw. Whether the world will accommodate is another factor entirely.

With Mercury quincunx to Chiron, your sensitivities are heightened and the mind might be racing. It can be a bit frustrating to deal with.

Mercury and Uranus will exactly trine tomorrow on Sept 1st, but the ordinary mind opens up to more extraordinary possibilities.

The Moon trines Pluto early (while most are asleep) but it shows an orientation towards reflection and sentiment. With almost a nostalgic feeling you recognize that almost everything you know in life will be changing. And it (at this point) feels as if enormous factors are beyond your control.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Nature and Humans

If the air that we breathe stops!
If the waters that we use disappear!
If the Sun and Moon from which
we benefit shun their duties!
Gloom and doom everywhere!
If the Fire that is needed
in our daily lives stops to glow
or rage at any level!
The impact on one and all!

When Nature with all its powers
Performs its duties as per assignment
We, the Humans! The mortals
Protesting to express our displeasure
Indulge in all sorts of stunts,
closures, arm twists and strikes!
We stop doing work and
spoil the development

Allowed by Nature
everything in abundance
Misusing that, mankind created
scarcity of land and water
Mistaking the mere swelling
as strength
Achievements we boast of
in controlling Nature
Nothing can be invented
beyond Nature
We only discover things once existed
or destined to exist

Knowingly or unknowingly
endangered is the Nature
due to our Greed
Let the Nature be protected!
Let the lives on earth be protracted!
~Poem by Somanathan Iyer~







We have to learn to be in alignment
with the world in which we live.
We are the creators and destroyers.
It is up to us to take that
responsibility very seriously.
Notice whether your actions are
aligned with nature and the good.
If you are not aligned with those things
then you carry the potential of harm
to those very things that are
life giving and life affirming.

The darkness that had been hidden
deep within the souls of men
has been unleashed.
That darkness threatens
to consume the world.

It is only those who have the balance within,
between their light and darkness,
that have the clarity to turn this world around.
Those polarized in the light
have no connection to the real world
and therefore cannot impact it
in the righteous and tangible ways
that are necessary.

Only those who have walked
in the darkness and have found
their way back into the light
have the fortitude and power
to shift this energy pattern
happening at this time.

They understand what is at stake.
They have walked through the shadows
of darkness and survived.
They see the bigger picture and what
kind of committed effort is required.
Those souls know the amount
of work that is ahead.
They know there are no quick fixes.
They know that only a long term vision
and sustained global effort can turn the tide.
They make no excuses and
they make no grandiose promises.
Such promises are shallow platitudes
that only work on the weak-minded
minions of darkness.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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