August 5, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 8/6/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 8/6/16

8/6/16 is the number 5. Taking care of the body and learning to heal from the inside out rather than the outside in is what is up for the moment. You can feel lack when you are completely fulfilled. The mind creates illusions and distortions that make abundance feel like a barren and dry desert. Can you see where you are completely filled and overflowing with the good will of the universe? Do you understand that what you feel lacking is not in the external but in an internal state of mind? Can you see that your internal mental state becomes a projection like a film moving outwards from your internal reality? The Moon continues its transit of Virgo until 12:37 PM EDT. This morning, Virgo’s ruler, Mercury, is challenged by Uranus and Saturn. You can be restless and uncertain whether to stick with what you know or with tradition or if you should branch out. There can be resistance to change but unrest if you hold back. Communications and transit may be blocked or delayed. Projects you thought were complete may need revision, and others could appear overly critical, insensitive, or sarcastic. The Moon enters Libra at 12:37 PM EDT, and while you strive towards harmony under this influence, Libra’s ruler, Venus, forms a square with Mars, and there can be a real discrepancy between values and desires. Passions run high under this influence. Be wary of making impulse purchases. There is an air of competitiveness under this influence, which need not be difficult. It can be stimulating, creative, and invigorating.
~Suzanne Wagner~



“How did the world get to such a place of imbalance? That is because of humanities desire for more of everything. There seems to never be enough. That is an illness of the soul. We are the only species that once we have enough will continue to take from others until a total collapse of an eco-system happens. Where is the moral value in that?
~Suzanne Wagner~


Within the limits of this reality there are incredible things that can be done. The problem I see is that fear has taken hold of so many that they are afraid to stand up, to say what is right, and they have allowed themselves to become the victims of self-sabotage and weakness. Can you live with yourself if you do not stand up for what is right? Can you live with the moral weakness and fear that will become a defining moment for you in this life and others? This world needs those who stand for positive change for all. This world needs those brave souls to stand by those who boldly face the delusions and lies that others plaster out into the world. If as a society we begin to collapse our own values and morals out of fear of what others will say about us, then all those Americans who have died for the values that have made our country great will have died in vain. If you are the recipients to the grace and privilege of those who have given everything for a belief in freedom for all and do nothing but collapse into the swamp of chaotic hearsay, you are not worthy of the great gift this life has offered to you. Be brave. Be strong. Stand up for those being attacked by little minds. And make your voice heard by your actions towards peace.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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