August 7, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 8/8/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 8/8/16

8/8/16 is the number 7. What is the rhythm of compassion? What is the structure of success? What is the frequency of good fortune? The ancient teachers say that there are sound currents of positive energy that when you connect to them they begin to vibrate that sound currents frequency your way. These are called “Bija’s”. Today I want to share them below so you can take a look at what you want to create in your life and sound out those currents clearly and distinctly so that you begin shifting all this negative energy off your person and into a place and space that is your souls potential. Remember to sound them out loudly first, then to a whisper, and finally in silence. I personally like to repeat them 8 rounds fully. I put this in because there are so many patterns and rhythms that are out in the world being destructive to life, love, and the beauty that is this world. I hope that together we can create a small wave of positive change. You can learn a lot from the contacts you make, from younger people, or from information coming into your consciousness, as long as you trust your instincts. You may feel a bit more easygoing today but you might also be inclined to go along with people in order to keep the peace. With the Moon in charming Libra all day, you find the most emotional satisfaction when your interactions and environment are felt to be balanced and harmonious. Pleasing others is a theme now, making it a good time for negotiations and peace-making. You may want to avoid any more conflicts at the moment. If something does arise remember to resolve it in a diplomatic and fair way. Be especially aware of the points of view of others and those that are seeing the opposite side of the coin. Be careful of indecisiveness.
~Suzanne Wagner~



“Everyone has felt that place where nothing was going right and yet you chose to let only love and light drop from your lips. It is easy to be negative. It takes a huge effort to create beauty in the face of destruction. That clearly shows that there is more power in love than hatred. Love can turn horror into art. That is real power.”
~Suzanne Wagner~



RAM Manifesting, motivating energy
AUM A=Creation; U=Preservation; M=Dissolution; This is used in conjunction with other Bijas
AIM Purifies the mind, bestows ability to assimilate truth
BLUM Breaks down stagnation or obstruction
DHAM Actualization, calls forth natural abundance
GAM Dispels obstacles, on the path to enlightenment
HRIM Reveals (whatever other qualities the other bijas carry)
HRIM KLIM Go well together to enhance
KAMA Bestows fulfillment
KLIM Magnetic attractive influence; use KLIM SHRIM to call forth harmony, abundance, manifesting powers, and deserving
SHRIM Lakshmi bija; bestows abundance and fulfillment
SHYAM Love: opens the heart; opens the heart to realize love; to be used in conjunction with other bijas; use KAMA SHYAM to attract a love partner
SAU Expands; the qualities of a bija to infinity


You sound each letter out distinctly and move fluidly through each consonant and vowel. You can combine words to make something unique and special for your life.

Repeat 8 times loudly

8 times in a whisper

and finally 8 times silently

~Suzanne Wagner~

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