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Numerology/Astrology for 8/8/18

8/8/18 is the number 9. The number 9 is the number of karma and the understanding of Universal Spiritual Laws. Lessons around karma are not always about loving a person more even when their behavior is lacking sincerity and depth. Sometimes the lesson karmically is to say “no”. It can be the most loving thing to do for yourself and others to learn a clear boundary and to say loving without being a doormat. Boundaries are essential for learning objectivity. You cannot lead others if you cannot lead yourself. You have to learn the balance between obligation and pity. Each one of us has to do the work necessary for our own growth. No one can really help us with that. There is no one path that will work 100% of the time. We are each unraveling many complex patterns and belief systems that will require many tools, techniques, and teachers to support that expansion. The number 9 is connected to the Hermit card in the tarot. A card that says that the answers you seek are not “out there” but inside. You are asked to take that internal journey to discover how to forgive yourself and your human self that has “perhaps” taken some of these “earthly lessons” too far. Compassion for the self is essential for an enlightened moment of clarity. Those that have not done the inner work actively express hatred in the world and at those different from them. When you have learned the deep levels of self-compassion it is impossible to hate others for just being alive and here on this planet.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Emotionally the astrology is amping up for the next few days as we get closer to the eclipse on the 11th. The lid is preparing to come off and know that the best way through this is to be sincere but to also not say too much as everyone is a bit raw and not able to handle more than they can absorb in that moment. Notice if another person stops breathing and if their eyes look down, both indications that they are no longer able to hear more information. Every person has their own level where they can integrate, cope, and function in the world. You have to learn to let others find their own way through, and trust that they will.

Take some time today to try new things but hold back on making it too extreme. There is a volatility that can be harnessed if you are willing to let the energy run in a more playful and fun way. Don’t do too much right now or over-extend yourself.

There are aspects today that are about building bonds of connection, sharing, and commitments. Let that nurturing side out and allow others to feel your warmth and sensitivity.

There will continue to be those that feel very sensitive to negativity and criticism. Know that today, someone might trigger you to feel insecure and out of sorts. Take a breath and let it move over and through you. You cannot change someone’s projections but you can change how you react when they happen.

Restlessness and impatience are the feelings you will notice if you are lacking the courage to take action. Avoiding that step is only going to get more uncomfortable.

There is a tendency to have romantic matters get more unsettled. You can discover places that you are still feeling insecure in your relationships. It can be hard to find the places of restraint when you are feeling picked on. Don’t get moody. Express what you need to say in a consciously emotional and constructive way. All hurt is an opportunity for healing. You do not need the other person to be present and hearing you to do your own inner work.

What feels right and what is rational may not agree. Don’t speak until they do.

Do your best to treat others equally. There is a temptation to manipulate in order to get your way. Don’t succumb to that energy today.
~Suzanne Wagner~


It is better in prayer
to have a heart
without words
than words
without a heart.
~Mahatma Gandhi~


Today I want to talk about lies and lying. That is because this seems to be rampant at the moment in the world and we could not have gotten here without some passivity on our part and a shattering of the value of integrity in words and actions.

There are many factors that people could blame externally but those things would not have become popular without the shattering of the foundation of the rules of society related to truth. We live in a society where truth is not valued in the face of ratings and fueling the darker emotions of society.

In the end lies come back to bite you in the a** horribly because when someone believes your lies and then they continue to defend those lies, they personally take on the karmic debt and burden themselves. Thus digging themselves deeper in a hole that they believed they were getting out of.

When the people recognize that they have been used for dark purposes and that their faith in a person or group was misinformed, the level of “take down” is always something that is dangerous and shattering.
This type of backlash in anger and volatility is what breaks governments and countries. And presently we stand at a precipice unlike any this country has encountered before. The outcome is not known because a full awakening to the lies has not been revealed quite yet. I wonder what it will take for the masses to see. And the longer it takes the more worrisome it becomes. Because the scale continues to tilt further out of balance so the recoil is one that is radical and dramatic.
It takes lifetimes and hundreds of years to build up integrity. It takes a very short time to destroy all that has been created by others effort, toil, faith and belief.
Presently we hold the potential fall or the rebirth of a country in our hands.
The responsibility is enormous and the potential for treachery by the darker forces that have launched an attack of this magnitude cannot be ignored.

The more consistent your words and actions are the more trustworthy you become. When you add to that the desire to serve the greater good. That is what builds power. And yet, it takes a very short time to break down the foundations of trust.
When our hearts and sad, lonely, and empty they will eat lies like starving wolves.
Lies are told to avoid problems. But those problems remain and here is the kicker, “The problem you are lying about and covering up is the one you have been hiding from within yourself for a long time. If you cannot detect the lie from another, then that lie lives within you and is controlling your choices and behaviors.

If a person says they never lie, you need to know that their whole life is probably a lie. A fiction made up to make a weak person feel better about themselves. A person who lies is a stranger to themselves.

So, are you the type of liar
that wants to only run down the hill
because each lie makes the next step easier?
Or are you the type of person
who knows that telling the truth
is difficult and that each step
is like running uphill?
Telling the truth is work
in each and every moment.
But it gets you somewhere
in the end.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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