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Numerology/Astrology for 8/8/19

8/8/19 is the number 10. Here we go. Fire is everywhere astrologically. So, change is afoot. There is passion and energy to move you in directions that inspire your greatest self. Use this energy to find out what just might be possible. What would it take for you to believe in a new option? When enough believe in an ideal. That belief eventually ignites a fire of desire. And that desire, when it is aligned with the greater good of life in this world will eventually take over and move things out of dysfunction into vibrant aliveness and potential.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


Enjoy this Sun Connect to Jupiter because for a moment your quality of life and aspirations seem better. Enjoy this effect. You feel that you can project your idealistic principles and your higher moral values.

The Moon in Scorpio square Mars in Leo there will be those who want to argue. It is not worth the energy. Instead sit back and watch the show. Notice the patterns and energetic connections that are happening. Notice the flow. Notice the passion and delicate intricate manifestations of emotion. It will be more interesting that way.

The moon trine Mercury in Cancer. You have an awakening of the mind and hopefully heart. You are more in touch with your reasoning and you feel more focused. Be affirming in your faith and belief in others to figure it out but don’t do it for them.

The Moon will change into Sagittarius in the mid afternoon. It gets even more fire energy going. But your optimism and desire to understand things from a higher perspective is there. It is knowledge that will set you free. It is awareness that allows emotional strains to soften, loosen, and eventually calm down.

Venus and Jupiter Trine. Letting your humor expand and improve. Be in a playful and fun-filled mood. Let your sympathy and flexibility guide your words, choices and actions.

Overall, there is a big-hearted energy begging expression in your life. Do not tolerate rudeness or those that are crass or intentionally blaming.

Be realistic and material considerate.

You might feel torn between responsibility and joy. You can have both, appreciate both, and deal with both. You have the capacity.

~Suzanne Wagner~


When you see, into the sea.
You find a light, that ignites delight.
When you choose to go, you will discover what you know.
You cannot find, the beauty of the sublime.
When your fears, create only tears.
I learned to love, from the divine above.
No part of hate, can close that gate.
~Suzanne Wagner~







I am on my trip with my mother and her 87 year old friend. We are having a lovely time. Just started out and we will be in Ouray, Colorado by the 8th on a Jeep ride to Yankee Boy Basin. A beautiful high altitude basin with wildflowers galore. I love the west! The wide expansive vistas. The fabulous colors and clouds. It was where we always went in my childhood for the summer vacation. So many wonderful memories and connections to this beautiful place.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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