August 31, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 9/1/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 9/1/15
September 1st is the number 9. Finally, we have reached September! Yea! The heat of this astrologically volatile summer is finally waning and as the energy cools off and Jupiter with other planets move through the earthy sign of Virgo we are grounding in and settling down for a year long process in finding a better balance in our life’s. With the number 9 of completion adding its energy into the mix it is time to let the past go and embrace the future, however that looks in your life personally. More and more, it seems essential to find that internal balance and understand the difference between feelings and intuition. Sometimes there is a very fine line between those two but now with Neptune fully engaged in Pisces for the long haul those subtle differences are going to need to be honed and clarified. Venus aligns with Mars shortly into the day, and desires can come on powerfully, although they may not be easy to fulfill. There can be a focus on past relationships, and perhaps some impulsiveness and desire to take action on your new perspective on the past. The Moon is in Aries all day, further reinforcing a strong desire to start fresh. Your pioneering impulses are strong, and you feel energetic, spontaneous, and enthusiastic. Your feelings and desires are fiery, immediate, and hard to ignore. This is an independent energy – you will want to do things on your own and be the first one to do them.
~Suzanne Wagner~

You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will leave in torment if you don’t trust enough.
~Frank Crane~
There is always a risk when you open your heart to trust. Instead of talking about you being willing to risk I want to talk instead on the awareness of when you energetically have the trust of another person and then betray that trust. What that means is you become a friend to a person and then because of hurt or an upset your mind begins to make up stories about what that other person was thinking or what they were up to. And then unconsciously or consciously you attack them. Intuition is a two way street. You can feel into the positive but when you are triggered you can tune into the negative, weak, or vulnerable places within and then lash out again, either consciously or unconsciously and hit the person when they are down and the most vulnerable. The number 1 rule is; “If you are in upset it is about you.” I have found that it is impossible for each of us to be aware of all the land mines that are in others. Those land mines are their wounding from childhood and the closer you get to a person the more you will probably bump into those land mines. The more energetically connected you are to a person the more you can discover their “Achilles Heel”. Today, are you conscious of where you are energetically attacking or lashing out at others? Do you realize where you are sending negative energy out? Those thoughts you have about opinions and stereotypes do affect the energetic whole. You are consciously or unconsciously contributing to the upsets you see in the world. The game of consciousness requires you to take responsibility for all your energy. We love to focus on the good but what is even more critical is to be aware of your dark side and where that energy is leaking out and potentially hurting others.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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