August 31, 2015

Allison Olson Published Author on: “Love: The Secret Power of You”

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Published Author Allison Olson of the book, “Love: The Secret Power of You” will be teaching two classes with us at the Wild Women Symposium in the Fall of 2015. We are very excited to once again have the lovely Allison Olson with us to teach some new and exciting classes. Here is one of the classes and its outline she will be teaching. I hope you can join us.

Love and the Goddess Journey

In this class the history line of the Goddess will be taught.  Some of the more known Goddess’ will be highlighted.  These arch-type Goddess’ will be held as the example of what a woman can do once she has a knowing of the energy she carries within herself, which is born from the power of Love.  This power of love will be the road map in how to develop the Goddess and express it to the world.    This class will be given a handout; that will require soul searching time with the aim to map out goals and acknowledge their divine gifts already.    The soul aim is to support each woman in seeing their Goddess self.

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