September 12, 2016

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Numerology/Astrology for 9/13/16

9/13/16 is the number 4. Harmony, patience, acceptance, and trust are what are up for today. In life you have to find the place inside where you know who you are and what you can and can’t do in each and every moment. You cannot live a life of thinking that all the problems of the world are challenges you have to solve. You only need to know what you came in to do and then do that in your small or large way that impacts others in a way that creates movement, hope, and potential. It is often the small things that over time have the greatest impact. It is the thing that is easy for you’re to give with a full heart and an open expression that shift others in such a way that your faith and belief in them gives them to nudge to go to the next level. If we lived in a world where we looked out and said, “What do I have that I can fully give without reservation or without feeling drained? And then if we did that thing, the world would be a constant miracle unfolding love. The Sun is square Mars today, and it can be hard to settle down. This aspect gives you a strong urge to do something, to take action, and to make something happen. But know that you may not understand how to direct this energy constructively. This can be a sign that you need more challenging enterprises, and something that stimulates your passion and initiative. Reactions tend to be defensive or competitive now, and you can be averse to negotiation or compromise. This is made even more complicated with Chiron soon to enter the picture, as it can have you doubting yourself. You are more inclined to injury and accident with this planetary combination. Energy output can run high and you can get a lot done if you can learn to focus. The Moon is in Aquarius all day, and you want to thrive on intellectual stimulation, change, and unusual or unconventional experiences. If someone tries to pin you down to deadlines and routines, this could be a lesson in frustration today.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Practicing a good life is a life where you learn the fine art of patience. It is patience that allows you to listen to others in order to understand. It is patience that allows others to have their experience even when you are afraid they will get hurt. It is patience that accepts that some things cannot be learned through the stories of others. It is patience that knows and trusts that the universe has it all under control.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Today the morning sky is the color of icy blue indicating the shift in the seasons as the weather turns cooler and the light begins to dim. We are all feeling the shift in the energy as the astrology is opening us to new feelings and helping us discover our edges that we have previously resisted leaning into. Everyone you know right now is also feeling it and you notice that there is a place where each is seeking the most simple of things…to be happy and to feel at peace with what life is handing them at this moment. Difficult times always happen and they do come in waves (as indicated by astrology). But these times do not come to make us miserable, they come to show us where we have gone numb to life and where we have become complacent and have accepted a situation that is actually not working for us in our life. Sometimes that feels like waking up from a dream and you realize that what you have been projecting into the world is not what actually is true. Sometimes you see where you have been playing it safe and how that safety is no longer what you want anymore. Sometimes you notice that you were much more afraid than your ego wanted you to recognize and now you see that all that anger, bluster, and self-confidence was a lie. Regardless, it is good to see past your illusions and into the truth and heart of a matter. Life is about choices. It is okay to not be ready to make certain shifts. It is okay to know that you need to wait and that your confidence is not up to the task. But when you do awaken and when you are ready, it is also important to make that leap across the obstacle that has blocked your path. Do not make excuses like, “Oh, well! Now I am too old.” “Now I do not have the time.” “Now it is no longer important.” If it was important to you then it is important to your growth and evolution. If you still feel that longing in your heart than it still does matter. Do not wait another minute once you see past the pattern that has stopped you before. Take that risk. Reach out again and discover what is on the other side of your fear.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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