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Numerology/Astrology for 9/16/17
9/16/17 is the number 8. What if each of us in our avoidance of the deep feelings we harbor inside have actually been poisoning the world with our avoidance? It is not that feelings are always completely true but feelings have to be felt in order uncover the deeper emotions and truths that certain upsets are hiding. What would happen if each of us told the truth about what we have done, the choices we have made (right or wrong) and allowed our body to let go and unburden our soul. What I can tell you is that the power that it takes to suppress the truth from yourself is so vast that if in one moment you just allowed in what was in each moment, the blast of enlightenment would be so great that your soul would elevate to its next level of evolution.
The Moon spends the day in proud Leo. A Mercury-Mars conjunction in Virgo enlivens the day further. This is a time of motivated, energetic work, especially in the way you think and how you have been dialoging with your own mind. Since this conjunction occurs in the sign of Virgo, work and health may be involved. You may be kicking yourself into high gear to get healthy and to start an exercise program. The discipline you have been lacking comes back in full force and you recognize your own inner saboteur and finally begin to claim your life back by wrangling him or her back into a more constructive place in your psyche. You want to get right to the point so that communications can be a bit blunt. But that is sometimes what it takes to get your own mind and self to change. Taking care of business is a major theme now. Keeping busy and making headway satisfies your heart in a deep and profound way today. It is important to learn to channel excess mental energy constructively. Otherwise, you feel nervous, impatient, and irritable. Be hyper aware that there can be aggressive conversations from others, you may overthink things, and communications seem more important than usual.

~Suzanne Wagner~



“Compassion is the ability to feel another’s pain,
and not have to do anything about it.”

~Ken Wolkoff~


I marvel at the great differences in each of our lives. The lens’ that we use to prioritize our world based on our preferences and karmic lessons is vast and diverse. That is why compassion is so essential for creating a world of understanding, acceptance, and peace. You can witness another’s journey but more often than not you cannot stop them from that journey. With a compassionate heart, you can “be with” another in their pain but you also must allow that pain to work its way through their body so they find the meaning and resolution to that pain on their own. It takes great courage to be completely open to the present moment regardless of what is taking place. A powerful healer understands that having faith and permission for the person to go through all the levels and layers that have bound that suffering to them is critical for a complete and total transformation.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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