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Numerology/Astrology for 9/17/20

9/17/20 is the number 3.
If you add the 9 + 1 + 7 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 21.
2 + 1 = 3.
Before a storm the waves and winds increase and change. You will be feeling that shift now. What is good is that in the external world the weather is cooling and hopefully that will cool off the terrible fires in our country. But the internal temperature within mankind is very hot. And that fire is not about to go out anytime soon.
So you will have the weather the waves of change as you are thrown up and down in this tumultuous time. We are in a roller-coaster at this time. Remember, some part of you chose to be here in this critical moment in history. Find that small hero within you. Know that the small heroes are not often remembered historically but they play a critical role in shifting the tides of chaos. It matters not if you are remembered. It matters that you support a world and a life that is good for everyone and this planet.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


The New Moon is today in Virgo. It is a time to begin again. We are coming to a deadline and it is time to clear out the clutter and deal with the things you have had on your list.
You should be coming into the home stretch on a project that has taken a long time.
Support your body in healthy eating and exercise. Recognize that the negative clutter of your mind must also be cleansed and cleared.

The New Moon is positively aspecting Saturn and Pluto. Take a moment to work on that long-term plan. It is time to let go of the old world that has burned up and crumpled to the ground.

This Moon makes an uncomfortable relationship to ambitious Mars. All plans need to be kept simple. That way all things are workable over time. You are not going to get what you want immediately. There is a long rugged, dangerous road ahead for all of us. It is best to keep things to the basics. Do not over do anything. The earth element is much stronger than the other elements (air, fire, water), so be practical and put physical effort into your goals.
The Communication planet Mercury squares the optimistic planet Jupiter. Although it is great to open to expansive plans and projects, many things need to be done in smaller ways, then you want. Practice caution for the rest of this year. Over-doing and over-extending will be regretted later.

Do not feel rushed or pushed into anything. Do not let yourself be coerced by the insistence of others.

The Sun forms a trine to Saturn making your efforts worthwhile and productive. All things that ground and stabilize are helpful in this time. Know your physical, mental, and spiritual limitations and work with them. Do not overdo or push past them. That is how injuries will happen. You have obligations that need to be dealt with. Follow-up with those and follow-through with the necessary steps and actions.
Then this day will feel very successful and fulfilling.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I listened to the roar
of the winds and knew.
That something was coming
before this storm was through.
The peace being sought
was forcefully kind.
Even when so many humans
were intentionally blind.
What does it take for nature
to show us the path?
When her power is trying to reflect
mankind’s disconnected wrath.
Take a look around and
see what we have done.
Your next choices impact
the life of your grandson.
Do you see the painful
choices in play?
Are you willing to
stand up and evil slay?
If you are not here to
participate at this time.
That denial can bring
this world to wartime.
Some things can come
while others can go.
But become aware of what you
are supposed to outgrow.

~Suzanne Wagner~



The weather has cooled off. I awoke to my deck being slightly damp. It was a wonder to behold. Whether it was a slight rain or a strong mist in the night, regardless it is a blessing and one I embrace with gratitude. May the rainy season be early and swift. May the cool moist air dampen the heat of the fires and may the angry souls of this world also find a cooling of their temperament and hurt.

Love is warm.
It has the power to inform.
Compassion is cool.
The heat of anger that makes mankind a fool.
The extremes of rage, can never find peace.
They are a force that wants life to decrease.
May your heart warm and inform.
May your compassion hinder the violent storm.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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