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Numerology/Astrology for 9/18/20

9/18/20 is the number 4.
If you add the 9 + 1 + 8 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 22.
2 + 2 = 4.
With the number 4 leading the day and the Moon in the communication sign of Libra, finding a common ground to communicate is going to be the theme. While that may be challenging know that it is important so that you can work towards peace. Too much energy has been given to finding the differences and finding fault. We have to come together in some way. Feel into the love in your heart and let the love be the focus rather than the differences.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


As the Moon has moved into the negotiating sign of Libra, there is a desire to seek a better balance in your life. Family comes first and connecting in harmonious ways more important than ever.

The Moon aligns with Libra in the evening and finding common ground in a world on the edge of civil war is more important than ever.

Mercury and Neptune quincunx and make concentration a bit of a challenge.

It feels as if there is no common ground. Focus is tricky to maintain. It might feel as if you are all over the place.

We feel as if we are standing in uncertainty and on unstable ground. You will need to have both your right and left brain integrated. You need to have logic and intuition and try to make them work in unison.

Do not let daydreams take you off course. The enemy uses disorganization in order to control.

~Suzanne Wagner~


When will the world see,
Past ownership and property?
When will the value become,
More that beauty and those so young?
This world you see is more than you know.
It show a reality that you have yet to go.
May you find the path that leads you home.
Until then, may you joyfully roam.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Once upon a time there was a tiny chipmunk.
He watched and waited while a wisteria vine grew closer and closer to the bird feeder hanging just out of reach.
Each day he would climb the vine and each day, it was not quite close enough for him to reach the seeds.
But he was patient and calculated the progress and got tantalizingly closer to the bird feeder as the months progressed.
He had to calculate if his weight would hold under the new growth of the wisteria vine.
In Japan, the wisteria symbolizes love, sensuality, support, sensitivity and bliss. It is the symbol of consciousness expanding. As the vine expanded so did the mind of the sweet, cute and calculating chipmunk.
Mythology says that this vine is toxic to demons and repels dark forces. So it is clear that chipmunks are not controlled by demons, because the chipmunk plays innocently through the complex vines, filled with love and hope in reaching his goal.
Until yesterday, when I discovered that very same, determined chipmunk joyfully sitting on the bird feeder, blissfully stuffing sunflower seeds in his mouth to take home to his family.

How much patience do you have?
How much persistence do you utilize daily in reaching your goal?
The chipmunk taught me much about both of those. While I think I have patience and persistence, I recognize that I do not have peace while I am waiting. That is what the chipmunk has learned.
Each of us have personal goals. We must learn to find peace as those goals naturally unfold. While we need to pay attention and not give up hope. We also must discover how to have a peaceful time existing … while we wait for something wonderful to unfold.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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