September 17, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 9/18/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 9/18/16

9/18/16 is the number 9. What do you need to complete or what have you just completed? Change is in the air on a multitude of levels from the seasons, weather, politics, jobs, relationships, etc. How are you flowing with all of that? Are you shutting life out or are you opening to let more of life in? That is the question as you have been grieving the loss of something and now it is time to surrender up what no longer serves you. It is actually already gone anyway so that last part of the mind having to let go is often the hardest. Brains hold memories. That is their job. But sometimes they have trouble shifting into something that is new and unfamiliar. Remember to breathe and let life show you what is next. You do not need to push you only need to be open and observe what is being offered at this time. Never say “No” to a gift that gives you a doorway into a new reality. The Moon is in pioneering Aries all day, and you will have a strong desire to initiate, take action, and finish things first. Venus opposes Uranus this morning, bringing a matter of freedom in a relationship to a head. Some instability, restlessness, and rebelliousness are likely in your relationships. You may not see eye to eye, and you might be taken off guard by unexpected events. It’s wise to hold off on decision-making with regards to finances and relationships. The question is, “Can you separate your rebellion tendencies from a genuine need for change?” You are going to need to open yourself up to new ways of dealing with others and awaken to the need to make changes that encourage you to grow and improve. Venus is also moving towards a sextile with Mars, encouraging creative interactions and passionate engagement with one another.
~Suzanne Wagner~


“Some of us were never made of tranquility, stability, for calmness and quiet tides. Some of us were made of giant waves, for thunder storms and hurricanes.”
~I.r., waves (via wordsnquotes) Source:


If we could remember that life is about biorhythms and cycles, phases of the moon and energetic patterns of the cosmos, then you would learn to not take things so seriously. You would know not make up a story about what an event means in your small mind and ego and just know that there are always ups and downs in everyone’s life and you just have to learn how to adapt and deal with what is surfacing in your life. There are always patterns of change that are more difficult than others. One of the reasons I do the numerology with the astrology each day is to show those fluctuations that can be predicted and anticipated therefore handled with more conscious clarity and less reactiveness. You can change with greater grace and ease when you understand your own rhythm of change and understand how that energy inside you relates to the greater whole. We are all connected in a gigantic grid of energy that is life and one energy shifts and changes another’s energy. When you see that we are actually not individuals but a cosmic “One” then you allow that energy that “seems” outside of you to help. You are never alone. There are always forces at work to assist you in that movement that seems so new and different. There are always people, animals, and nature talking to you, whispering to you, coaxing you into your potential. Just open to what is and let that manifest in a miraculous way.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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