September 24, 2018

Numerology/Astrology for 9/25/18 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 9/25/18

9/25/18 is the number 9. The number 9 reminds you that Spiritual Laws take precedence over human laws. That is because they are about serving the greater good and not just serving a person, the powerful, a church, a religion, or the pocketbooks of the greedy. There are those out there that manipulate spiritual laws to make money for themselves. That was never the intended ideals. Take a look at where you override truth with your mind. From that position you can never be complete. Which is what the number 9 is all about. Twisting spiritual laws around to manipulate others for your own ends will always backfire on you. When you know from deep in your core that you are operating from a place of truth, you have no doubt because you recognize that winning or losing is not even important. What is important is standing up for others, protecting the innocent, brining fairness into the equation, and having a life that leaves a positive legacy for others. What is your legacy right now? What will others say about you when you are gone? What is still left that you really want to accomplish in this lifetime? And what can you do to move in that direction?
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon in Aries fires up that desire to act. When things move it is important to be very conscious, patient, and selfless. Embrace your courage. Stand up to bullies directly but with a calm demeanor. The opportunities are there if you are willing to grab them though movement forward will be happening later.

Expect others that have less awareness and that are more ruled by their primal brain to be acting as if someone gave them sour grapes. If something upsets you. Let it go. Many will be feeling very insecure today. It is best to not make upsets worse.

There are places where the spirit of things can improve and there is a bit more energy to keep on keeping on. Set your pace and then maintain it.

Words and actions may contradict. You might be wise to write down the pros and cons. Honestly look at the facts and decide rationally.

At work expect people to criticize in a nagging sort of way. Pause and think when insecurity and self-doubt arise. Know that there will be those people who choose to linger and obsess about things. Do your best to step away from such behavior.

Do not allow yourself to express clinging or controlling behavior. Fear may want to drive you forward. Don’t let it.

~Suzanne Wagner~




Art, freedom, and creativity
will change society faster
than politics.
~Victor Pinchuk




I marvel at why others would want to waste the time and energy to tear down others and this world when we all have to live in it. Besides each of us have been given a precious amount of energy with which to make a difference in this world. And each of us has a certain amount of time with which to do that and be effective with that energy. You can waste a life with harboring hate for others. It gets you nowhere in the end and actually sets you back in the evolution of your consciousness. Hate is a series of weights that holds you down in this density and does not allow your heart to become “light” so that your soul can be “enlightened”. And you can follow a religions “rules” until the “cows come home” but if you hold hate, it festers and becomes a toxic energy that will continually pull you down back into the quagmire of your own making.
I see that a lot.
Very religious, church going people who repeat the beautiful spiritual words like good automatons, but then they do not really understand them deep in their core. They have not embodied the words and that is clear by their actions. It is your actions upon which you will be judged in your spiritual evolution. Words are only the beginning of understanding. Integration of knowledge is the beginning of wisdom. Wisdom comes from knowing truth intimately.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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