Personal Note from Suzanne – Democracy Needs You!


Personal Note from Suzanne

Just so you know I will get to the Astrology for October next week and send it out in another email. It is a big month for many reasons and sorting it all clearly will take some time to do. I appreciate your understanding about that.

But I did want to go ahead and get this out because there is so much going on in the world related to this upcoming election and the nomination for the Supreme Court.

It does not matter what you want or what you believe about a person.

What is essential in a Democracy, is that the rules of law are followed. The breakdown of the rules that have guided this country for the past 250 plus years and have made America a super power and the most influential country in the world are not being followed. That is a recipe for disaster and the destruction of everything we hold near and dear to our hearts.

We have been the beacon of hope and the potential salvation to a world where hope is fleeting and freedom even more so.

America has offered a type of freedom to this world and implemented values that other countries have looked at as a potential model for success.  We used to be the moral leader in the world.

Not any more.

Those morals are being torn down by a bunch of very rich, religiously zealous, and powerful men and women who wish to systematically tear down all that has made this country the shinning light of possibility and hope.

The breakdown of the following of those great rules of law by our wise Founding Fathers is the beginning of the end of our society if we cannot pull the reins back from this insanity that the Republican Party is doing to destroy everything of value that any of us have ever known.

A democracy is not about one religious affiliation imposing their will and beliefs on others.

That is not a democracy.

That is a Totalitarian Regime.

That is a Dictatorship.

And that is what we have become at the moment.

You should be horrified beyond belief.

Even if you personally hold the values of your religion near and dear to your heart. You should know that all the great religions talk about tolerance. Not from the place that you tolerate the behavior that is happening now. That word tolerance is not to be used to allow dangerous perpetrators to undermine and manipulate vulnerable people. It was about learning to stop, listen, learn, and accept the positions and beliefs of others.

Too many wars have been fought and too many have died meaningless deaths because of a few who manipulated them to fight and die for the petty power games that allowed those in charge to feel good about themselves and what they believed.

Come on America, you are smarter than that!

I often have to force everyone to take a look at what a word really means. It is amazing to me how unaware and uneducated our society has become that they use words completely inappropriately and in ways that are designed to promote a slant or distortion that validates their bad behavior and choices rather than support truth, clarity, and justice.

Honestly, I am appalled and sickened by it.

So, today’s word is Tolerance.

Websters definition is as follows;

Willingness to recognize and respect the beliefs of others.
A disposition to allow freedom of choice and behavior.
A permissible difference; allowing some freedom to move within limits.

Notice the last part, “Allowing some freedom to move within limits.”

Even tolerance has limits. You cannot blindly forgive those that have not shifted and recognized that they have done harm. You cannot blindly forgive those that will continue to do those actions. Especially when they believe that placid Christian forgiveness is a “pass” for them to quietly continue to do what they want to do without any consequences.

In this moment, conscience is knocking at the door and without enough people to stand up and take the control back from the greedy and mentally ill, we are (as a world) in great peril.

I believe that we can take back our country and really do a big cleaning up of the crooked laws that have taken the power from the people and given it to the rich corporations and the powerful.

I believe it is the best thing for everyone. The rich are not hurting. They are fine. Yes, their egos might get a bit pinched but we are talking about saving Democracy in the world!

We are talking about saving the world from the environmental destruction that may not be reversible in this life time!

And regardless, these next few years are going to be hard on everyone. The potential of economic collapse in this country and globally when we have trillions of dollars in debt mounting up, year after year, because of a mentally ill person being in charge is a very real thing that will impact all of us.

So the focus for this month is about voting.

Without your vote, what is happening that is literally driving the world crazy will continue. Do you want that? Can you emotionally take much more of this constant barrage of chaos?

Without your vote those in power will continue to manipulate you toward their personal agenda that does not consider your family, your children, your job, your families education, your retirement, your body, your social security, your health care, your medicare, etc.

All the things that you believed you could count on after a long life of working hard and doing the “right” things will have no value in their eyes at all.

You mean nothing to them!

They want your money and taxes. They want you to do what they say. They want you uneducated and confused. They want you to be puppets on a string that they control. They could care less about your feelings or what you want. (Anyone that has attempted to contact your representatives should know that by now!)

I know that I personally cannot do that.

I am sure you cannot either.

You can (with your) vote in November, literally, save America.

Is America worth it?

Has she given you enough to give you a drive to give back to her?

She needs your help.

She gave you the best life time any human in this world has ever seen. (Even if you wanted more.) She gave you better health, wealth, and opportunity than at any time in recorded history.

I hope you honor her with your vote.

And vote to save the America that we were all led to believe in. The one that gives opportunities for all.

The America that believes that “All men are created equal”.

Thank you.



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