September 26, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 9/27/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 9/27/16
9/27/16 is the number 9. It is time to step back and let go of something in your life. You can no longer emotionally and energetically handle the trauma drama of other people, the news, politics, or other situations over which you have no control. It is time for each person to take responsibility for their life and stop making up stories that not only are not true but put others into positions of needing to disappoint you. This is that classic moment where it is time to grow up and become more mature in the choices and actions that you need to make at this time. You have been trying to manipulate others to get what you want. Life does not work that way. Life puts people and situations in your life to help guide you not to save you from your own karmic dysfunction. Life forces you to take responsibility for all your choices and actions. When you put those choices and responsibilities on others (and it is not their karma) they will walk away again and again. Each of us have enough of our own karma to do and so it is actually impossible to take on energy that does not belong to us. Mars moves into Capricorn after a long, albeit interrupted, stay in the sign of Sagittarius. Mars transits Capricorn from today until November 9th. Mars in Capricorn creates a deliberate and persistent energy that motivates you to action. You consider the future and the consequences before taking action during this cycle. Your energy is reliable and faithful. You refuse to be yanked into emotional reaction that does not belong to you but this can be experienced by others as being distant if others push on you or project their agenda onto you. It will feel as if you have no choice but to step out of the chaos of others and into your own protective place so you can cope with what you have to do in your life. The shadow side of Mars in Capricorn is rigidity and an unbending mindset. Sometimes enough is enough and you may feel as if you warned people again and again about a particular situation but to no avail. It is exhausting having others that have unreasonable expectations that they need and want for their own well-being but that you cannot in good conscious do because that energy they are demanding is causing you harm. The Moon continues its transit of optimistic, affectionate Leo until 5:44 PM EDT when it enters Virgo. So you still believe in the possibility that those you need to step back from have the possibility to take charge of their life and grow but you now know that you cannot walk that path for them. This is a moment when you see that you cannot hand hold others through the doorways of their own karma. It is time to do you own and trust the universe that it has a plan. The Virgo Moon awakens your desire to dive into the details of life and make things more organized and therefore calmer. The Moon and Mars form a trine early in the signs of Virgo and Capricorn, fueling energy for taking care of business. This gives you energy to be very resourceful.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Maybe there are no wrong turns.
Maybe everywhere we’ve been was just
where we had to go
to get to where we’re meant to be.
Maybe we broke our hearts
in all the right places,
so that when we get there
we know what it means to feel whole
~Ang Frank~


I sit in wonder and amazement at the wonderful women at the Feminine Embodiment Workshop this last weekend with Jennie Stanchfield and I. It was so beautiful to see the women step into the places of feminine magic and responsibility that were the next steps for their conscious evolution into their potential and power. I always stand in wonder to the beauty that is the feminine. Life is an amazing journey when you are willing to step into the places and spaces that are your next steps to release karma, to own your life and choices, and your personal places that need to be released to become who you really are. Take this moment to be honest in your reflections and projections. What you want from others is what you have not owned is inside you. When you take the power that is inside you and allow it to guide you forward your life becomes a beautiful expression of your heart.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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