September 27, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 9/28/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 9/28/16
9/28/16 is the number 10. How I wish this energy today could make a powerful shift into clarity. I am nervous that this number 10 is going to make some push their agenda and power issues onto others. There is this anger and resentment building that wants to explode out and all over others in the energy matrix and that is a dangerous and volatile combination. Be aware of how far on the edge of stress you are and know that denial of that truth is going to make you over-react at exactly the wrong time. There is a toxicity emotionally that is attempting to infect your nervous system and take over your life in ways that create more karma and more upset. Each choice you make today creates some sort of new beginning. So what is yours going to look like? If you keep holding anger and projection onto others it has the potential to burden and load you down with a type of heavy karma that could take you a lifetime to get out of. Choose to have compassion and remember that you do not know the stresses in others lives. And they do not know the stresses in your life. Everyone is on his or her own edge of upset and so do your best to not add more into the already overloaded pot. The Moon is in practical, helpful Virgo all day, stimulating your need to organize, tidy, solve problems, and get answers. You may wrestle with expectations with the Moon’s square to Saturn and opposition to Neptune. You will be instinctively drawn to helping others, and this makes you feel more secure and calm when you are feeling needed. You might be a little more reserved or self-contained today as you feel the need to protect yourself from others insanity. Be especially aware that you are more sensitive to criticism right now and so are others, so do your best to present things in a way that is without blame and pointing of fingers. Thank goodness the Moon trines Pluto tonight and this points to productivity, insight, and a sense of purpose.
~Suzanne Wagner~


I have to remind myself to breathe – almost to remind my heart to beat!
~Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights~


It breaks my heart to see so many out there who are so shut down in they’re emotional body that they have lost touch with their intuition and gut knowing. They think that when someone says the right words that they want to hear then they can ignore all the other signals coming at them telling them to not believe the words but the actual truth of who a person is. My father said to me when I was a child, “Our personality is formed as a child and who we are….. is who we are for the rest of our life. We can change but it takes great effort and determination to override the patterns that have been created in the mind and experience.” When you look at someone you admire, look at their whole life, not just the part that aligns with who you want them to be. Look at their past. That tells you their repetitive karmic tendencies. Look at the present, that tells you if they can stay in alignment with this moment and make clear minded decisions rather than reactive patterns from their past. Look at how this person’s behavior will evolve into the future. Do you like what this pattern is evolving into, or not. There have been powerful and extremely dangerous leaders who have caused irreparable harm to life, humanity and the world that said the right words that their country wanted to hear and then used and abused those people for their own egoic end. The results are always the same, suffering on tremendous scales. We are at a crossroads here in America. We are at a moment that we can fall into the historically horrific mistakes from the past or wake up and see the pattern and conscious step beyond the patterns that cause such horror and suffering. It is up to each of you to make the choice that is right for where your consciousness has evolved. Unfortunately there are many out there who clearly do not feel deeply inside their gut and are disconnected to the obvious truths that are right in front of them. They believe the words over actions, rhetoric over facts, and charisma over authenticity.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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