September 7, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 9/8/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 9/8/16

9/8/16 is the number 8. First you have to grieve and then you eventually get to acceptance. But you cannot accept if you do not acknowledge what you are feeling. So often in our culture we cover up sadness with anger. I see it all over where people are saying things that are all about where they are trying to stand up for themselves and they are doing it in a way that is angry and doing it in a way that does not really allow others in but pushes others away. When you look deeply at their words and feel underneath, you begin to feel the hurt and powerlessness that is actually in the center of their statements. No only likes to look at his or her own powerlessness. No one likes to admit that they are hurting. It is so much easier to engage people from the place of resentment and anger. It is as if our culture says it is okay to talk about that but don’t talk about where you are hurting. Our culture is clearly into expressing power and that often comes out with people that feel powerless as anger. This is a symptom of our culture right now that has gotten out of hand. So many are scared, hurt, and feeling at a loss as to what to do. So the rage and anger that comes out of them is intense because when you do not tell the truth of an emotion (the true core emotion) then everything distorts. And in that expression it is difficult for others to connect with you because you are actually not being honest with yourself. It is easy to tell if you are not in an authentic emotional expression. That is because it is your body that takes the hit and your body that will let you know again and again that you are not being honest with yourself. If you have chronic health conditions that flare up, take a look at what you are holding in. So many believe that they are holding in their anger and they disguise it as “their truth” when it is actually their inner self worth fear, powerlessness, and hurt. Take a look at take a step out of anger and dig deeper into what is really at the bottom of this pattern of venting that you are expressing. The Moon is in Sagittarius all day, stimulating a desire for more than ordinary experiences. It is time to look at some new situations of conquest or adventure and require less prompting than usual to get moving and to experience life. Bored with the mundane, anything that breaks the routine is appealing now. With the Moon squaring Neptune and aligning with Saturn, you may be wrestling with the expectations of others. However, if you can manage to find the right balance between practicality and imagination, you can be quite productive. You are also in a good position to cooperate and mingle with others and enjoy life in a deeper way in the process.
~Suzanne Wagner~


“Anger is a symptom. A way of cloaking and expressing feelings too awful to experience directly – hurt, bitterness, grief, and, most of all, fear.”
~Joan Rivers~


What would it be like to live an authentic life rather than a reactive one? That is what this world needs right now. A culture committed to discovering authentic emotional expression when it is happening rather than stuffing things and then from a place of fear and powerlessness, lashing out to others in complex raging, inappropriate ways. Take a look at your life. And I mean a real look at your life. How is your body handling things right now? Your body is the place you stuff what you don’t want to feel. Your body when it holds enough of this crap will become ill and break down. That breakdown will look like, exhaustion, allergies, illness, pain, avoidance, sleeping too much, etc. What would happen if instead of knee jerk reacting to things you just sat in stillness and listened to your body? Listen to the hurt, fear, anger, uncertainty, and discomfort then felt beyond that and into the deeper issues that you are avoiding. Those body issues are going to keep on repeating if you do not look at the truth underneath the distortion that you have been telling yourself. If your body keeps doing the same thing over and over again, you are not listening and you have not gotten the lesson. Yes, reacting in anger feels good in the short run but in the long run it continues to damage the body in ways that create chronic illnesses that do not respond to treatment well. That is because you do not have an illness of the body you have an illness of the emotional body and soul essence. Take a moment and listen so that you can step out of the habits that are keeping you ill and discover that in the place of acceptance and love of all parts of yourself you can find peace.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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