December 12, 2014

Numerology/Astrology/Predictions for 2015

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Medicine Cards: Owl, Turtle
Mayan Oracle: Etznab
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Justice
Aleister Crowley Deck: The Empress, Victory, Gain
Healing Earth Tarot: Grandfather of Pipes, Seven of Crystals
Words of Truth: Expansion, Transformation, Wisdom

I want to start this year with a more inclusive reflection of the numerological and astrological aspects that I think are going to be of great importance as we move into 2015. So I apologize if this is a bit wordy and verbose but hopefully you will find it of value as you move forward into this amazing year of 2015

Numerologically, if you add the numbers of the year together you get the number 8. The number 8 is associated with Leo and the 8th month of the year August. This gives warmth to the energy for 2015 and an adolescent enthusiasm that opens to infinite possibilities, as well as, the return of faith and belief in oneself to accomplish the tasks at hand. The number 8 can indicate a pattern of increased wealth and abundance. It can also indicate that emotions of grief and loss are flowing because of circumstances or the grieving process related to the process of letting things go that have outgrown their usefulness. You will find that many new opportunities will present in an 8 year though it may be the second half of the year before you can actually recognize them. This year favors financial moves and shifts related to work and career. All options that expand your ability to make money are heightened. You are being asked to rise up to a new wave of prosperity. The energy of the 8 is strengthened in the summer and as we get closer to the 8th month of August. It gives you an opportunity to gain a new sense of independence and to feel much more resourceful and efficient.

The Saturn going into Sagittarius December 23rd, 2014 helps this along. Saturn invokes a craving for the qualities of the sign it touches and with Sagittarius; it craves knowledge, wisdom, and qualities of life that generate meaning. The deeper question is to find the authenticity as well as the meaning and that is where Saturn gives groundedness and depth to the Sagittarius. Saturn likes to go slow and as the God of Time it can make things appear at times as if the forward motion stalls and it feels agonizing to figure out how to make it progress further. But Saturn takes time to make things have resilience and the ability to last a long time. Saturn wants to control and the negative side of this in Sagittarius is that you might want to control others with your beliefs and ideals. But don’t fall to the dark side of this force. This pattern will make people finally realize that there is no reward for imposing your beliefs on others and in some cases you will see punishment for that behavior, especially in the global arena. Ultimately we can only control ourself and even that is actually an illusion also.

With Saturn’s demand of structure and commitment you will not be able to do the more negative expressions of Sagittarius, such as excessiveness and irresponsibility. Saturn’s stern countenance will make you pay a big price for not being on top of things. Saturn teaches that fleeting moments of happiness at the expense of others or the bigger plan will not be tolerated.

Saturn will teach you to let go of the lost causes in your life. It will shine a clear light on the patterns that have outgrown their usefulness. The Sagittarius part of that equation is aiming to increase your understanding and awareness about your choices and how you have contributed to the dysfunction that is happening. It is time to get real. It is time to think in some new ways. Expect this to be messy at first but Saturn will force you to clean up all the crap you have been making in your life. By doing that you will gain a new confidence, you will create a new space to fill with something wonderful, and you will let go of things that have no basis in reality. You will discover that being positive gives you a wonderful feeling but if that positive energy is not based or grounded in a true and authentic reality then it is going to fall apart.

Saturn in Sagittarius demands that you find practical applications for your personal philosophies. Just remember to not get to Saturnian and become rigid in your thinking. There is a complete understanding that will unfold over 2 and ½ years that freedom is not about escaping responsibility – it is what you enjoy only after tending to your responsibilities. You are going to be asked to walk your talk and practice what you preach. But you will also have to tell yourself the truth about whether what you are walking is actually working for you or just giving you a temporary “feel good” moment.

As Sagittarius rules the hips and thighs it is a great time to get into a more physically healthy place. With Saturn there you will discover a newfound discipline that will help you keep your goals.

Sagittarius is traditionally outspoken but with Saturn there you may take more time to brainstorm with others before you form opinions. Sharing becomes a lovely theme to formulate these next levels of truth and help you feel confident in your directions and choices.

Since Sagittarius is about learning and knowledge, you might feel like you want to go back to school or learn some new things. Saturn loves credentials after all. But you might also re-evaluate what you are learning and decide if it is actually viable or not really what you want to do.

In addition we will have the last square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. (Can I hear the communal sigh of relief?) Yes, this will help the energy flow and emotional disposition of many of us. It also finally marks an ending to this Grand Cardinal Cross that we have been bearing since the downturn of 2008. I believe that the heaviness will begin to lift in the summer and the economy will also begin to recover and hopefully by the end of the year we will all feel better and as if we have more money in our pocket. I think it will take until or through 2016 to feel fully recovered but I am eternally optimistic.

I am excited to see how this all unfolds. January feels lovely, powerful, and expansive in may aspects though you might feel that February has a bigger impact. So enjoy January. Feel into the positive shifts happening. Let the intensity and fear of 2014 go and let us move into the warmth and positive flow of 2015. We are finally on our way and things are going to move in the ways that you have hoped. It might be more the end of the year of 2015 when you solidly see and feel the full impact of everything you have been doing finally manifesting in a way that makes more sense, but all and all we are finally at the turn that everyone has been hoping for.

Let the wisdom of the Owl allow you to see the pathway through the darkness. Let the Turtle ground you and allow you to feel safe and at home. Balance and Justice is coming back into a tangible place that creates a stronger feeling of safety and you are finally seeing beyond the mirrors illusions and into the true reflections of who you really are.

Enjoy 2015!

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