May 18, 2015

Personal Note from Suzanne off of her June Newsletter

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Personal Note From Suzanne

While June is a month of astrological re-do’s with all these retrogrades, I personally want to take this month to reflect on the past few years with the eyes of loving compassion and honor for all those who have walked this amazing journey with me.

Sit down and write out the names of those who have touched you the most. On the front of a small piece of paper put their name. On the back put what the impact was of this person in your life. Then put them in a big bowl.

You are going to need a big bowl because you will be amazed at how many people have touched you when you get going on this project.

After you have this all put together, for the month of June, each day pick on person out of the bowl. Contemplate the impact they have had on you and make a choice to either send them love, give them a call, send them an email, or even a small gift. Do what feels right and organic for you. Because some of these people you might not have come to a resolution with. Know that upsets heal slowly and allow each person to have their process. And let this one be yours also.

So if it was a big upset, you might want to send love and gratitude energetically. That will work and support them in also healing and resolving whatever is the issue left to be handled.

See what you have done to grow and change from this person’s impact in your life. Note that whether it was good or bad does not matter. What matters is that you took energy that was given to you and you transformed it into wisdom, movement, change, evolution, or clarity. See that you have done this over and over again in your life.

That is the breakthrough. When you begin to see that you have repeatedly empowered yourself to grow, amazing clarity and confidence emerges.

It does not matter if others change. It only matters that you can see and acknowledge how you have taken the bad and the good and tried to do something different that improves who you are and how you express your energy in the world.

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