Poem – Ballet Taught Me Everything

Poem – Ballet Taught Me Everything

Ballet taught me everything,

All that truly matters in life,

For it was my first true love,

She taught to love my heart, my soul, my strife.

Through intricate movements and steps,

I learned to love every part of me,

When I felt the sinews inside my body,

I embraced my own identity.

I learned to be fully in my body,

And in doing so, became more alive,

To express the subtlest of nuances,

I found the path to depth inside.

Ballet taught me to love myself,

To receive, to give, to share,

To notice the flows of energy,

And merge with others, and to care.

Through her, I embraced the hard and the soft,

I learned to surrender into the flow,

I overcame my fear and blocks,

And let my magnificence show.

Ballet taught me to notice all the details,

To understand the power of my emotions,

For all of life is there to show,

That we are all the moments and their notions.

Ballet was my attempt to express,

What I felt deep down inside,

The magic of the inner dancing with the outer,

The passion of a fire that refused to hide.

Ballet taught me everything,

And I am forever grateful,

For the love, the joy, the beauty,

And the lessons that were so fateful.
~Suzanne Wagner~



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