Poem – In the Silence is the Real Treasure

Poem – In the Silence is the Real Treasure

In the realm of endless entertainment’s sway,

We ponder if it truly leads the way,

For captivating the mind with vibrant glee,

Does not guarantee our growth, nor set us free.

To truly know ourselves, we must embrace,

Solitude’s tender refuge, a sacred space,

Within our thoughts and feelings, we must dwell,

Navigating inner realms, our own stories to tell.

But systems lurk, as distractions in disguise,

Feeding our dysfunction, veiling our eyes,

In placid realities, numbed and unaware,

We wander lost, evading truth’s gentle stare.

Embrace the silence, listen to your core,

In solitude’s embrace, discover what’s in store,

Alone, unentertained, your essence can be unveiled,

Because in doing and escaping, your soul is jailed.

Our soul waits wearily for us to realize this truth,

In the smallest of joys, we discover life’s eternal youth,

Compassion blooms as we tend to our own wounds,

Then open-hearted, we heal others’ and read the runes.

The world’s betterment lies not in escape’s flight,

But in sharing our essence, as it embraced the light,

With every moment lost to screens and noise,

Endless creative expression, we destroy.

Oh, let us be mindful, lest we shall miss,

The magic in the silences, the mysteries in the abyss,

For within the deepest parts of who we are,

Lies the treasure trove of our creative star.

So let us learn, in solitude’s gentle embrace,

To find the solace and wisdom, that will lead us to grace,

In the stillness, we can discover our souls’ true measure,

Unlock the infinite beauty hidden that is the real treasure.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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