Poem – Invoking the Goddess of the Sacred Fire

Poem – Invoking the Goddess of the Sacred Fire

Goddess of the Sacred Fire, radiant and bright,

You dance in the flames, casting warmth and light.

With your flickering embers, you ignite the soul,

A beacon of passion, burning beyond control.

In the depths of darkness, you bring forth the dawn,

Bathing the world in the glow of a fiery spawn.

Your flames of transformation, they cleanse and inspire,

Burning away the old, awakening new desire.

From the hearth of existence, you rise with grace,

A symbol of life, in every sacred space.

With each crackling whisper, a tale is told,

Of rebirth and renewal, as the flames unfold.

Your heat, a catalyst, that stirs and awakes,

You awaken dreams within, you are the spirit that quakes.

In your blazing presence, boundaries are set free,

As souls find their purpose, and hearts are set free.

Oh, Goddess of the Sacred Fire, we bow to your might,

In reverence we come together, gathering your light.

Your passion fuels creation, igniting our art,

Guiding us through the shadows, igniting our hearts.

In the warmth of your embrace, we find solace and release,

Weaving our desires, our dreams, piece by piece.

With every flicker and crackle, a prayer is sent,

We honor your essence, with the utmost reverence.

Goddess of the Sacred Fire, we sing your praise,

In your eternal flames, our spirits forever ablaze.

Guide us through transformation, through trials and pain,

Illuminate our path, as we dance in your domain.

May we carry your spark, your radiant flame,

Igniting the world with love, without shame.

Oh, Goddess of the Sacred Fire, hear our plea,

Infuse us with your passion, so wild and free.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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