Poem – The Process of Dying

Poem – The Process of Dying

Can we be kind and not make up a story to make ourselves feel better?

Can we just be present with another and witness without being an upsetter?

We watch as those we love spiral into places.
And wonder as they forget how to tie shoelaces.

The process of dying is different for all.

For some it is exalting and for others feels like a fall.
We wish for peace to come and acceptance to lead the way.
It troubles me when they fight and seem burdened by dismay.
We try to look into the mirror so we can see.

If down the road that will also be me.

But what I know is that the life that we cling to defines our path ahead.
And those that struggled to get out of their emotions or the thoughts in their head.

Will have to confront what they have denied.

And I vow to let go with grace and go in stride.

I have tried to live my life from honesty and truth.

I have tried to respect those old and in their youth.

I have tried to not allow the patterns of another’s progression.

To become my karma or make me question.

The path that was mine to walk and the path that was mine do discover.
We cannot grow if we are not willing to uncover.

Those places inside that fester in fear.

Those places where we did not want to let others near.

But those places that we fear are “crazy” inside.

Will become so obvious that we will not be able to hide.

From places of uncertainty and lack of self-worth.

And as we die those become the tethers to this earth.

We cannot let go if we will not tell the truth.

About those things we have been hiding that were uncouth.
We have all made mistakes … but mistakes are not a sin.
However, not admitting them will put us in a tailspin.

So that as we die … the fear gains control.

And that only leads us down a deeper rabbit hole.

Karma gets louder the more one denies.

But being honest brings those that can advise.

I hope my eyes will see the path ahead.

And I hope to be graceful in that process rather than dread.

Life is grand but death is a release.

It allows all the longing to finally cease.

May those in the space that are transitioning now.

Find that stage to take a final bow.

And may the applause that come from the crowd.

Be enough energy to allow their soul to feel proud.

Of the life they have lived and the lessons they have learned.
After all, the peace and light ahead … was deeply earned.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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