Poem – The Universe Has Our Back

Poem – The Universe Has Our Back

The universe unravels our old world,

A shedding of skin, a story unfurled.

Changes are hard, they shake our foundation,

But the universe sends us hope in manifestation.

In moments of need, small gifts appear,

Critical support, to help us steer.

Through the turbulence of life’s transitions,

It is how the universe encourages us and gives permission.

Without these gifts, we’d surely collapse,

Lost in the chaos, unable to adapt.

But with each offering, we gain bits of strength anew,

Guided by the universe’s loving, guiding view.

So let us trust in the universe’s plan,

Embrace the changes that shape our span.

For though it may be difficult to see,

The universe always sends what we need to be free.
~Suzanne Wagner~



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