Poem – The Wolf Inside

Poem – The Wolf Inside

The Wolf inside my heart will bare her teeth.
When what I want … she will not bequeath.
I have learned in life to be crystal clear.

After all, she is inside and has no fear.

She does not fear that which is not in the flow.

She knows what she wants and where to go.

She tells me that all the chatter in my mind.

Is just another way that I am so unkind.

To the parts of myself that are seeking a place.

Where they too are loved and allowed in with grace.
Deep inside we all need the freedom to roam.

That is the true place to call our home.

These walls of protection that the ego builds inside.

Is just a way to allow wounded parts to go and hide.

Now all parts need a moment to regroup.
But we also need to stay in life’s loop.

We are a part of a greater whole.

And to be effective we must learn the illusion of control.
A greater power asks us to follow the messages in the sky.

When we learn to listen, we will find our ally’s.

They sit at the edges of the forest and watch.

They do not adhere to linear time or a stopwatch.
On the fringes they sit and wait for us to see.

That what we want … could easily be.

If we let the wildness in that we keep at bay.

Then they will know that we are ready to play.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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