May 18, 2016

Poetry by Suzanne Wagner – The Musings of Youth and Age

About the Author: Suzanne Wagner
By Published On: May 18, 2016Categories: Astrology/Numerology


The Musings of Youth and Age

The hormones of youth are a rush and a race.
You are trying to get somewhere to find your fate.
But as you age there is grace in the flow
You no longer hold the place inside that needs to know.
You understand that you are a part of a greater plan
And that awareness makes life actually more grand.
You find your pace without egos drive.
You find where you belong and no longer need to strive.
I am grateful to the force that was my youth.
I am grateful for age that reveals the truth.
Life can be what you want it to be.
But you cannot experience what is beyond your capacity.
If you do not practice to expand beyond the known.
You will not experience the potential that you were shown.
You are in a dance between life and death
The old must be released to discover your breath.
Breath is a word that means more than to inhale
It is a word that describes your life’s tale.
Be as wide as this word coveys.
Be a fire that ignites a blaze.
Do not give up even at this late date.
You know not the timing of your destined fate.
You are here to reach beyond this form.
Broken and twisted you discover the art in the storm.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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