August 17, 2016

September Astrology – Going into the Eclipse Zone of Sept-Oct

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September Astrology – Going into the Eclipse Zone
Between August 2nd and the beginning of October (when there is a New Moon in Libra) consider yourself in the Eclipse Season. There is an eclipse September 1st in Virgo. This is an eclipse that just barely shows. It is alive but it is not fully strong like a baby being born. Eclipses are portals and this is a bigger portal than you might expect as it is like a premature baby.
But a baby coming out early is traumatic, intense, and fraught with uncertainty. That is what puts so much stress on things. We are now in a North Node Eclipse and these have a lot more direction and energy on them than the ones that happened in March because those that happened in Pisces (March) were all about clearing out, letting go, and releasing things from the past.
Now they are in Virgo indicates that there is a potential change in the path that you have been leading and that is about creating change in your life that you can actually physically see because it is in Virgo (an earth sign). This energy wants to make things happen. It wants to get things going in a direction.
Now Lunar Eclipses are important but nothing compares to a Solar Eclipse in power and intensity. Then when it connects to the North Node in Virgo (as it will September 1st) just know that it is going to be time to move. That moment will be about radical and rapid change because it is in Virgo (ruled by the planet Mercury – a speedy planet if there ever was one) and that it is happening right in the middle of the Eclipse cycle (August 2-the Beginning of October). And there is a T-Square between Saturn in Sagittarius (that has just turned direct but is actually looking stationary in the sky) and Neptune in Pisces.
And this eclipse is going to exactly oppose Neptune, which is very rare and no one alive has seen this pattern. You should feel a great deal of excitement but you will have not a clue as to where you are actually going. But you are on a journey and just that in of itself it filled with newness and enthusiasm but you really are not going to know what you are in for.
These last 4 years have been difficult for many and the planet is craving change in a multitude of ways. This eclipse is going to ignite that pattern of change and finally feel as if your feet are touching something to give you something to push against to make those changes happen.
With all the deepening of emotions and getting to know yourself on a much more personal level (Neptune in Pisces) there has been a huge evolutionary step that has been happening for everyone on many levels and while this has been very disconcerting and problematic it has also woken us up out of a pattern of complacency that has been literally killing this planet.
No one can say at this time that they are numb. And while growth always accompanies discomfort it is also a place of hope because we are coming out of a dark cycle and into a place of more light but with Saturn Squaring these Eclipses it is going to be a lot of work. It is going to be hard. It is going to be learning things that you never thought you were going to have to learn.
So this is time to brace yourself for learning some tough lessons and there are many of you out there that want the universe to be kind and let you continue to slack and just lolly-gag around. Just know that is absolutely not going to be the case.
It is time to wake up and deal with what has to be dealt with. You are really not going to know where you are going. I know that there are so many of you out there that want to go back to that feeling of “Knowing”. We cannot go backwards and there is not going to be a feeling of stability for a while.
If you really tell yourself the truth you were really not actually stable; you were actually very stuck in a rut and living a very boring life. This pattern now is making each of us step out of comfort and into the truth in each and every moment. You are going to feel off. You want things aligned but they just are not going to be. You are in a gigantic wave of change that will last for years.
This is a journey that is about personal enlightenment.
It is a messy journey that is going to force you to feel the love and awaken to the sensual simple pleasures of life because expecting certain outcomes will not pan out the way your mind expects.
You are learning to find ways to fill yourself up and still continue on your journey. September 1st is about dealing with a major shift in the dimensional reality in which you live your life. Mutable Earth Eclipses rules your body and health.
They are about taking a look at your inner depression and where you are seeing yourself as a slave. You have to make a change in your reality because of the square between the Sun and Saturn.
You have an unconscious self (Neptune in Pisces), which is making you look at where you are completely blind and insane or where you are being fully conscious and in a place of responsible choice.
You have to make the biggest life-long shift this September you have ever had to make in a long time. The old rules now feel antiquated. The old reality is being broken down and challenging you to be open to another way.
What is the life you want?
What side are you going to stand on?
Are you choosing the “Insane” journey or the “Sane” journey? You are going to have to be very real and optimistic. You cannot shoot for the stars because under these aspects there is no way you are not going to get to the stars.
You can believe anything but only the things that will make it to the end of this journey are the ones that are going to actually be grounded in the reality and those that will really work.
All the old psychological conditions that you have based your reality now look insane.
And it is.
Thank God that Pluto is in Capricorn, which is helping you to look at things in a long term way and it is attempting to stabilize what is really not stable.
On top of that Pluto is sort of an invisible planet anyway making it feel like a huge split in consciousness.
This is a realistic door and you have to let go of the fantasy illusion.
There is also a Mercury Retrograde happening from August 30th through September 21st making things not go the way you expect and with the Sun/Moon Square Saturn added into the mix this is going to throw a lot of doubt into how you think, what you believe and if it is true or not.
Remember that you have to create the reality of love in all things. It is not going to be easy but it is especially necessary since you really do not know where you are going so you might as well be love. That at least can be the consistency that you are seeking. And if what you love has a realistic way of being in your life then you do it!
If you can see the steps you need to do and your heart is joyous about the opportunity then also do it.
But doubt is going to be there. There are absolutely no guarantees in this cycle. You are going to have to try some things out and just remember the door is through Saturn. If you stay practical in your approach and grounded in this present reality and accept the challenges that will happen with an open hear in love, you will be fine.
If you are living in the illusion of addiction issues and you are drinking or doing drugs excessively this transit of eclipses are going to hit you and hit you hard. You will not be able to escape into delusion or escape the truth of who you are, where you are off, where you have “f****d” up, or where you have and are presently harming others.
There is a battle being waged in your world and the heavy packed energy with all the planets in Virgo. Everything is there, the Sun, the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, The Node, and Mercury. All those planets are forcing truth and the distortion of your reality to the surface and you will be forced to deal with the personal issues that you have projected onto others or have not taken responsibility for.
And you have to deal with them in a very Saturnian way, which requires tremendous effort on your part. This might hurt. This might be extremely difficult. This might be a breaking point on a number of levels. But it is good because you cannot hide from the truth of what you have created. You cannot hide from your own dysfunction and mental insanity. All this Virgo energy is very critical, analytical, detail oriented, and realistic.
Those illusions of grandeur are exactly that, illusions.
That can be a tough pill to swallow if you have been deeply attached to that illusion. Jupiter wants to give you a door but honestly you will probably see only one door. There are no other doors, no other escape routes, and no other places to wiggle out of and stay in your sleepy dream of possibility.
These are the moments when you recognize that the Universe has trapped you and you have only one way to go and that way is going to be more difficult than you want it to be.
Imagination is good but it does not have enough substance to survive on. These are extreme conditions and if you use this correctly this eclipse cycle will change you to your very core. You will not remain the same at the end of this. Surrendering into taking the medicine that the universe is force-feeding you is essential to making this work as smoothly as possible. The timing is not fast. Nothing is happening quickly. You are being forced to become much more realistic in your expectations around time and just do what is necessary to make things move.
The Lunar Eclipse is conjunct Chiron and it is in Pisces. This makes emotions heightened and a bit of a problem. Old issues are very clearly working against you. You have to let things go. You have to deal with redefining the patterns of the past and allow them to evolve you into a better person.
Who you were was not perfect. Admit that and allow your soul to evolve. Hanging onto a pattern where you are the hero in the past situation that was wronged and misunderstood is a lie and diminishes you greatly.
You are a co-creator of the past. It is time to acknowledge that so you can move forward. Chiron Square Mars and the Lunar Eclipse Square Mars is a very humbling pattern. And all of this is Squaring Saturn (the planet of hard work and struggle) making it yucky.
You are being asked to move into the future from a place of courage. The Universe is not hurting you, it is refining you. You must learn to take the correction with graciousness. You want to connect to someone that has the answers but it is really about how you are going to step first into a place of responsible healing and only once you have begun will you get help. Be aware of the part of your reactive side that does not want to hear the truth from others.
The Mars energy in the middle of everything makes this a very hard time. There will be those who want to do what they want and say, “F**k You” to everyone’s suggestions. But if you do that it will blow up in your face and make things radically go the wrong way.
There is so much happening but you have to be fully in this moment and you cannot sit on the sidelines of your life anymore.
If you are willing you will find those who are willing to open to feedback and then take the feedback to heart and make the changes indicated, your life will be much better.
What you have to remember the most about this moment in time is that all of Sept-Oct has Neptune in Pisces. And Neptune in Pisces rules the media. So the level of deception in the media is going to be UNPRESCENDENTED. The level of distortion is going to be so extreme that knowing what is true is going to take a level of personal finesse and an ability to see through your own self-deception first and then and only then will you be able to see through the lies and find the real truth.
DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING YOU HEAR IN THE MEDIA FOR THE WHOLE TWO MONTHS OF SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER. Just remember that you have been warned. If you believe the distortion you could create a breaking point in your mind, emotions, or body. Saturn could quite literally break you apart.
For Each Astrological Sign to pay attention to is below.
Aries – You are challenged on beliefs. You have a new reality shift happening and you are questioning, “Can I really do this? or Am I kidding myself?”
Taurus – You are trying to open up the doors again on an intimacy level and to rediscover a new vulnerability level with others. You have been holding things inside too long and some of those things now need to be expressed. Your connection to people needs to shift and change. It is time to make some new choices in how you express yourself.
Gemini – This moment is about the 7th house relationships. This is where Gemini’s have been challenged and stuck waiting for something to happen. You have to make some big decisions on your career and who you are really going to have in your space.
Cancer – You are learning how to handle life with a new rhythm. You are learning how to not be hard on yourself. It is time to relax and find where you are supposed to be and how you are evolving. You are learning new ways to be. You have to focus on your health.
Leo – It is a time for love and learning about how to put your heart and love out. Are you creating something great or are you hoping that some miracle is going to happen. You have to work hard towards the things that really make a difference in your life. It may not be fun but all of creation is effort. Love is effort and romance is also effort.
Virgo – This is a time to focus on relationships and to notice where you given too much away. It is time to pay attention to what you are feeling and what you want. It is time to find who you are now.
Libra – You have been trying to figure out your life and why things have not gone over the past few years the way you wanted. It is time to start over and be okay with all the mistakes you have made and how confused your life has been. You don’t need to understand anything you just have to start over in a lot of ways.
Scorpio – What are you about? Where is your self-worth? Are you feeling out of touch with the real world? Are you feeling like there is a lot of criticism coming at you? Remember, others are entitled to what they feel and what they feel is probably justified. You have made some mistakes now take a look and see the lesson there and reconnect to the truth. Your value is one thing but having a lot of money does not make you a good person. It is time to get real about how to live your life in a higher level rather than that lower level.
Sagittarius – Which ego position or mask is the correct one? You cannot constantly change your face to fit the people or situation in which you find yourself. You are exhausting yourself for no reason. You have lost touch with who you are. Stop and drop all the facades and discover the real you.
Capricorn – You are clearing out the past and the blocks in the way are there to make you try new things. Yes, I know you are the smarty-pants of the zodiac but it is time to do very different things. Get out of that rut. Learn a new approach. It is not going to be how you think it should be.
Aquarius – Where are you? Do you know? You have been hiding. You have to come out and find new connections. You cannot do it alone. You need others to help you get to the next level.
Pisces – Your relationships are reflecting who you are. It is time to fully step on the path you have chosen. Follow who inspires you. Follow only those who have your highest intention in their heart.

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