August 17, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 8/19/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 8/19/16

8/19/16 is the number 9. The creative flow is moving now. After the tiny eclipse in Aquarius there is a feeling of a shift coming on. You want to move a bit now as later the intensity of the flow might push you way out of your comfort zone. I prefer to change a bit every time I get pushed so I can get accustomed to those small movements so then the bigger ones do not seem so harsh. Completion is often about acceptance that what has been before is not about what is happening now. When you accept that is just a part of life and allow the inconsistencies to bring magic and wonder the fear dissipates or goes into the background. Yes, the Moon is in Pisces and every bone in your body wants to escape the reality but face it you must. You have to take off those rose-colored glasses and accept your fate. It may not be pretty but it will have to be done. So why resist when that will only make things worse, longer, and create more people being upset with you. There are moments to feel into the flow and what that flow is attempting to tell you. This is one of those moments. It will be okay. Others will appreciate you not dragging the inevitable out too long. There are so many things coming so finish the ones right in front of you now. The Moon continues its transit of imaginative, compassionate Pisces until 3:19 PM EDT. Under the influence of a Pisces Moon, you’re a little more sensitive to your environment. Its opposition to Mercury and then Jupiter this morning can pull up questions about the meaningfulness of your communications and recent projects. Mercury and Jupiter are moving towards an alignment in Pisces’ opposite sign, Virgo, and today’s aspects can seem to pit intuition against logic. The Moon’s move into Aries this afternoon can feel on the abrupt side, as is often the case when the Moon moves out of a Water sign and into a Fire sign. However, it can stimulate more clarity and a stronger desire to put something in motion. It’s also a time for feeling the need to begin anew. Your pioneering instincts are strong.
~Suzanne Wagner~


There is a moment when things just have to break apart. The trick is to see if you are hanging on so tightly to something that it breaks you down. Let things go. Let them drop away and give yourself the space to move. You do not have to be the thing breaking.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Returning from India I am once again focused on the intense gratitude I have for my life and being born an American. It is no small wonder that everyone wants to come to our amazing country. It makes me so sad to hear all the bad things people put out in social media about how terrible our life is and how bad our government is. Now don’t get me wrong, there is room for major change and it is time for some very honest reflection to move us forward but even in our dysfunction, we are blessed. We have an infrastructure that most other countries outside of Western Europe just do not have. That infrastructure of clean water, waste disposal, consistent electricity, internet, phones, traffic systems such as highways, traffic signals, metros and buses are what make life work so much more smoothly. If you have even been in the traffic in big cities such as New Delhi or big cities without what we consider the normal infrastructure, you would quickly get exhausted and frustrated with life. I watch in wonder at how these people cope with such insanity and the reason they can is because they do not have a choice. We have so many choices and options. We have the ability to complain and make changes happen much more quickly. So much of humanity is operating at a substandard level of life and it is normal for so much to always be wrong. I admit fully that I am completely spoiled. I learn compassion and acceptance every time I go to India. I am a better person because of it and I am also the most grateful person in the world to come home.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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