Suzanne’s Personal Blog for 2/27/2022


True idealism needs to be sourced from a strong and peaceful sense of a future that gives back rather than takes.
~Suzanne Wagner~

The outside world is looking in.

To the soul of a man who has lived in constant sin.

Such souls exist off the energy of others.

They intend to cause suffering to mothers and brothers.

Even his army is in conflict and disarray.

They are fighting their own and this causes dismay.

When one is fighting those that are family and clan.

It begins to feel as if their leader is a madman.

And so, it begins … and has been throughout time.

The actions of one man become an organized crime.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I have been looking at the chart of a hateful man.

One with great charisma and one that does not understand.

Those deeper truths that align with the earth.
A man who defines power as part of his self-worth.

This man had a success … seven years ago.

And now he wishes to relive it, blow-by-blow.

But while Saturn rules every seven years.

This particular cycle will bring too many tears.

Not that this man knows how to feel others pain.

He cares only for his old country to regain.
His chart is being challenged and his freedoms will be curtailed.
What he was seeking will be unfavorable and eventually failed.

His weakness is that he does not know how to back down.

He has limited earth energy and that is why he seeks another’s ground.

What worked many years ago.

Will now not work and will have to be let go.

External forces intend to curb his ego’s zeal.

And his actions have caused too much pain and these people refuse to kneel.

Expect his actions to be frustrated and blind.
Not getting what he wants will make him more inclined.

To cause only more … suffering and pain.

While he attempts to get land and make his gains.

His purely intellectual approach … this time has fallen short.

There are too many forces joined, that intend to thwart.

His ideals are in conflict with real life.

But he will continue to go towards creating more strife.
His ego makes him selfish and act insane.
But the more he pushes … the tighter the chain.

Karma calls in mysterious ways.

Those that don’t listen also do not see their own end of days.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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