Putin, Russia, and the Fall of the Omnipotent

Putin, Russia, and the Fall of the Omnipotent


In life, I have learned many things through astrology, tarot, numerology and the cards.
What is clear to me, looking at Putin’s chart, is that fire is dominant for him, and he intends to assert his goals, dreams, and demands regardless of consequences.
He is unable to step back and that can make him do foolish things at times. And that time is now.
He is extremely calculated in his approaches and he believes he knows exactly what he is doing.
But at this moment in the astrology …. He is wrong!

With his triple 7’s in his numerology, he is first and foremost a strategist thinker.
Though the fact that he does not have good earth energy in his chart can make him live from his desires and dreams. He does not see that life (in this moment) can make things much more tricky.

I learned in astrology that great people, dangerous people, famous people, and wealthy people can have powerfully lucky charts.
And Putin has one of them.

But there is always a moment of vulnerability that arises and often the successes of the past make some fall into those places of omnipotence, and they believe that they can do whatever they want.

“Absolute power corrupts, absolutely!”

While he has a chart that gives him tremendous charisma, that power he carries does not mean he is a good person. He is inherently run by his emotions and (like a former president), he is a bully that pushes to get what he wants.

His chart wants to manifest power beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. He wants to reclaim the land that the former USSR held.

But as I have said again and again, “None of us can ever go back!”

In this Aquarian Age, the game is progression and massive changes to balance out the power of the super wealthy.

Realize that as Putin and his oligarchs feel the pinch and discover that they have nowhere to go, this will also herald the collapse of the money systems that held up our former president and his flunky’s.
As the NATO alliance finds its footing and comes together, it will bring an end to the money laundering of the Russian oligarchs and the power grabs that they have been successfully doing for the last 50 years.

While I do not believe this moment will lead to WWIII, I do believe it will begin a cascading financial and economic purge.
Please note that I do expect shortages, inflation, and rationing of things such as gas and food.
What is ahead will not be easy for any of us, but it will bring about the end of a type of toxicity that has polluted good people and the minds of the weak.
These shortages will massively propel electric cars forward and as an investment, bank on that and those systems that will step us out of oil … once and for all.

Those in Russia that are protesting against this invasion are going to set their sights high for a better and more equal Russia. They have great courage.
This is one of the major events that will shape much going forward. The Russian people are no longer afraid, and they are on the rise as they have now tasted the shifts that global interconnection offers and that genie will not go back into the bottle.

Putin’s chart is showing an end to his power by 2023. And his actions take a lot of his buddies with him for that fateful ride through Hell’s Gates.
I feel bad for the Russian people. Their economy is going to take a hit unparalleled in their recent history.

How long the people suffer will help expose the corruption that has been festering in politicians and businesses for the last half century.
The Russian chart takes a monumental hit on May 16th of 2022 during the eclipse.
I expect computer networks and media to collapse in chaos. Back up your systems. And get security software.

This will bring about a slow collapse of the Russian currency and trade markets starting in December of 2022.
While this all sounds dire, it brings a younger energy and generation into power.

Solar, Wind, and electrical sources for energy are going to take center stage.
While this is going to be an unprecedented year that many were not expecting, this is a year that changes the course of mankind and begins to move us into a world in which a better balance is possible.

Get ready, be prepared. Know that things are not going to be the same. Embrace that mindset and the journey will be less miserable and more exciting and engaging.

Those that we trust, and love will be what holds us all together. We cannot do it alone. And we must find the ways to do what is right for everyone.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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