Suzanne’s Personal Quote and Blog for 6/27/2022


Love is the compass that shows us the way.

Love is the star that inspires more play.

Love is the hope of another day.

Love is the goal from which we too often stray.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Today would have been my dad’s birthday if he was still here. And it is my best friend’s birthday also.
Is that an accident?
I think not!
I find the patterns within numerology and astrology, so interesting.

Does the person born on this day hold a vibration of energy that is familiar and that gives us something that we seem to energetically resonate with? Is that what attracts us?

I believe it does.
Both of these people hold traits that I admire and respect. I see their brilliance, talent, determination, and willingness to work through many challenges and to embrace the choices that were made as they learned to appreciate the refining fires of karma. While they are very different in their careers … each were very successful and they both chose to radically change their lives at a point where it became clear that certain things were no longer serving and that a complete break from the old world was necessary to become happy.

At that realization … both made a leap of faith out of a life that showed a powerful manifestation of their own ego … in favor of a simpler way of being with less stress and more joy.

I believe this was not just important for them but perhaps even more important for me to learn from them, to watch, and observe that process.  

I too had to leap … multiple times … away from the gorgeous manifestations that my ego created in favor of the paths that pointed towards my own salvation through peaceful engagements, and greater insight and awareness.

As a numerologist I see it so often that in one day I will get (coming into my office) everyone with the same birthdate.
And it will not be their birthday that particular day. (I say that because I do give a birthday discount special for all my clients).
I often see those that come in with the same or very similar numerological patterns and choices around mates, and children.

I marvel at the complex mechanism of space and time that manages to do make such a synchronisty happen.
The Divine must really have to work overtime for that to consistently happen.

Even on the Facebook birthdays, I love to see those that hold the same month and day of their birthday together and I can sense the connection that they all seem to hold with each other.

I was born on the same month and day as the musical star, Madonna. And while our lifestyles were very different, we shared many similar qualities.

She had a trauma related to her mother’s death and my mother also had traumas emotionally that put the family through a lot.

Madonna was in New York City at the same time as myself, but I was at Julliard and she was struggling as a dancer/singer and squatting in buildings to survive.

We both love to sing and dance. We both experienced passion for those things and managed to find success as we followed our dreams.

We are both perfectionists. Others see us as difficult (at times) because of our demanding natures.

We both reached towards spiritual doors and found lifestyles of more peace and contentment as we aged through those processes of personal growth and the tools of conscious awakening.

I find these things interesting, and they help me recognize that perhaps we are all one giant being of light … having many experiences and versions of ourselves simultaneously in this domain of linear times.
While we are special … there are reflections and other mirrors of other versions of us wandering around out there.

I hope someday … that each of you can bump into one of yours. It is fabulous to see what another version of ourselves can teach us.
They can show us new ways while helping us understand and appreciate our own uniqueness.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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