Numerology/Astrology for 6/28/2022

Numerology/Astrology for 6/28/2022

6/28/2022 is the number 22.

6 + 2 + 8 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 22.

Then we can add the 2 + 2 to get the number 4.

Today, the number 4. Be at peace and learn to compromise. Notice when it is better to sit and listen … than have an opinion. When we are younger, we think mostly of what we want to achieve. But as we mature, we notice that becomes less and less important. And being fully present with others is essential and being right means almost nothing. Sharing and exchanging ideas is what stimulates our mind to expand and heart to open.

Rules evaporate and we recognize that laws are for those who do not understand the greater spiritual laws of this domain and those who are not in touch with their deepest self, nor do they operate from a place of compassionate courtesy.

Some think that the number 4 is all about conforming. But it is the rebel who knows to move from a place of center and careful consideration in the moment.

When we are at peace within, we learn to move always from the full integration of our heart. Then the actions of the mind become softer, more gentle, less combative, and more considerate of all life.

The number 4 is about respect for all living things. Learning to move with grace with them rather than from a place that is combative. Going against the laws of nature are what war is about. While nature expresses conflict, those conflicts are localized, let go of, and integrated to provide a better harmony.

Mankind sees conflict as winning or losing rather than engaging and finding a place where we are both in a place of deciding.

Conflict is not the problem.
Our fear of engaging conflict is. We cannot find a new balance without bumping into each other in this domain.

We are here to learn that disagreements help to make the new levels of understanding develop into better patterns that serve more than just ourselves.

Today, this number 4 reminds us that it is okay to engage in ways that help us to understand the perspective of others.
And that while laws help those who do not fully understand the patterns that rule this level of existence. There are those that walk through this domain from a place of such acceptance of the larger truths that they often are invisible to those still caught in the dimensions of karmic suffering.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology for Today

Neptune begins its retrograde and will be there till December 3rd. If you feel as if there is a process that is letting the energy feel more downcast and heavy … you are not alone. Many things will continue to be difficult and in odd ways that seem to set us off and as if we have zero tolerance for anything else being placed on our shoulders.

We will feel overly sensitive and more aware of what we have going around us but that does not feel comforting … more upsetting. Dreams seem to wither and die on the vine and plans go on hold.

Being caught in global limbo is no fun and while the external is not accommodating us, it does give us pause to go internal. Besides all shifts happen internally.

There are almost too many new directions happening and it becomes irritating rather than expansive.

Jupiter will square the Sun in Cancer and then sextile to Venus. We want comfort, love, understanding, and affection but there is this underlying tension that is causing energy drains and it seems the demands of the world keep getting in the way.

Discontent is perfect for making us stretch. I know everyone is really sick of stretching but that is just where we are at this time.

Reach out … but not too far.

Remember this moment and where you are.

The Moon illuminates what is not yet clear.

Our feelings seem even more precious and dear.
Know that spiritual family is always there.

Remember that we all need love and care.

It is time to come to a place and stand.

Together so that we can heal this land.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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