Suzanne’s Personal Quote and Blog for 6/28/2022


No matter what, find your special place.

Then take yourself there and allow all that grace.

Of the land to melt into your bones.

And let your spirit freely roam.
Life is too short to wait.

Take charge and determine your own fate.

Move to that place that lifts you up.

Let it fill all the cracks in your cup.

Then you will have so much more to give.

And you will not just exist but finally live.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Did you hear the angels call your name?

Did you feel the shift that opened a new domain?

Did you take the risk to step through that door?

Did you get scared and instead try to ignore?

That door is still open … once you decide you are enough.

That door may be behind you … once you do not need to be tough.

We turn our back too often and for too long.

On those things that will always make us feel as if we don’t belong.

Step through that door and let the fear dissolve.

That is the smoothest way to awaken and evolve.

We allow the choices … that others make.

To determine our value and put on a brake.

But it is not what we are supposed to do.
We were never to stop or let another askew.

The truth of the beauty that we have inside.
Just let that heart of yours … open and decide.

That heart will lead you on a twisting path.
But nature will always be your naturopath.

She leads you home even when you have gone astray.

She is the all the paths and all the causeways.
She is the home that you will never leave.

She has all the answers … right up her sleeve.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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