Suzanne’s Poem for 12/22/2022 – The Tree Hanging at the Edge of the Cliff

Suzanne’s Personal Poem for 12/22/2022

Poem – The Tree Hanging on at the Edge of the Cliff

Does the tree that lives at the edge of the sea.

Worry that it is being too carefree?
No it feels the winds so strong.

That it leans into the air and wants to belong.
In life, there are moments when we get to watch.

Life changing forms out of the one they thought.

The tree hears the songs of the wind.

And reaches out to become their friend.

But in reaching beyond what has been known.

Life as we know it … a new form must be shown.

And then there is a moment when the tree lets go.

And becomes part of the breeze from a gust below.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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