January 17, 2024

Off To The Southern Alps of New Zealand

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Off To the Southern Alps of New Zealand

Under the wing of our Māori guide, we embark on the journey into the creation of friendships. We (as a group) are merging and melding. We are sharing and opening with the continued stories that allow us to let in the experiences of others and in doing so we free our hearts even more.
I love the wind and the weather of the summer on the South Island. The zephyrs of this land are ghosts that reach into our minds and hearts and force us to breathe more deeply while they dispel the aloneness and deepen the poetic nuance that has been longing to get some time to show the mind that there is so much more.
We moved from the lakes and gusting sunshine of this magical landscape where the ozone is thin, and together we embraced the more infused God-particles of this land. Continuing on we moved into the rainstorms of the Alpine mountains and the braided rivers coming off the multiple summits and the powerful glaciers of these massive stony horns of color and light to be purified in these baptismal waters of ancient people that activate somethings very deep and primordial to rise once again to the surface.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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