September 30, 2023

Personal Note from Suzanne for October 2023

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Personal Note From Suzanne

My trip to Croatia was wonderful. It was so very detoxing to be in the high salt content of the Adriatic Ocean. One would never be able to drown in that water as it feels like the buoyancy of a floatation tank.

Rested and rejuvenated, I came back to deal with the continued process of my mother’s journey through dementia and being in Memory Care. It is a difficult path for anyone, and I am spending much time looking at videos on YouTube to gain skills and insights to what to expect and how for me to best respond.

My mother has taken 2 bad falls in 6 weeks from the consequences of her REM sleep disorder, and because of that, she has had 2 trips to the hospital to make sure that she has not done some serious damage to herself. Overall, the outcomes have been favorable, and I will have to say she is one tough cookie. Currently, she has two black eyes from slamming into the floor from her acting out her dreams. Thank God they have cameras, and they check on her every night 5 times. I am grateful that there is the money to be able to put her into this very good facility.

The changes in the seasons are upon us, and the astrology and cards this month reflect a profound shift in attitude. We are in a place where old insecurities drop away, and we find ourselves finally no longer bending over backward for those who never appreciate our actions or respect our sovereignty and personal choices. It is clear that caring about what others think is ridiculous, and we now have the power and clarity to step beyond our old identity and claim our rightful place without the need of anyone’s approval.

When we stop wasting energy trying to satisfy the incessant demands of others who refuse to take responsibility for themselves, we find a new sense of calm acceptance that allows the upsets of others but finally refuses to respond to them.

Humanity plays endless games of attention-getting to make them feel loved. They forget that they are and have always been love. Love is not something to seek in the external; it is something that we all simply are.

Once that realization becomes clear, we have no need to cloak ourselves in the mantles of another’s approval.

No one needs permission to be. No one needs others to define their existence. No one needs their expressions of love to be validated or accepted by another.

Another’s refusal to allow in love (in any form) is their own personal wound and insecurity. And your offerings will do nothing to heal that wound until they are ready, willing, and able to do things very differently.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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