September 4, 2015

2015 Fall Wild Women Symposium Interview with Lauryn DeGrado

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Lauryn DeGrado will be teaching a very new class at the Wild Women Symposium this October. Her class is about:

Relationships: Subject or Object

In this session we will explore how to navigate relationships using intersubjective guidelines.

Topics will include:
Subjective vs. Objective
Personal Power vs. Power Over The Law of Polarity
Giving and Receiving

The Power of Authority and Right Usage Post-Survival the transition to Thriving Society is changing and we are not only witness but we are active participants in the creation of a new way of building society.

We are cautioned not to fight the old ways but to build new ways that support a new model of living and being human. In this session we will explore ways to support our families, our communities, and ourselves that empowers integrity and commitment to an evolving state of being by doing.

Intention is not enough to make the changes that are needed to reverse the current course of society. It is in action that change will occur and that means changing our minds so that the barriers to growth can be removed. By being accountable to ourselves and others we can make immediate and long-term changes in our lives both personally and collectively. By making it a family affair to stand up against oppressive attitudes and inappropriate uses of power by those in authority, including us…as parents, neighbors and citizens.

Real life is not for the faint of heart, it requires a fierce determination to embrace the good, honor beauty in its many expressions and allow for curious exploration in safe containers.

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