April 11, 2017

SHADES OF PASSION – July 29-30, 2017 – Holladay, Utah

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SHADES OF PASSION WORKSHOP – July 29-30, 2017 – Holladay, Utah

Over 30 years ago, Suzanne Wagner began her journey to understand relationships, love, sexuality, and intimacy. That journey took her from the passions of being a Principal Ballet dancer, where she lived and breathed the intense emotional world of ballet. Then she dove into the healing arts and became a licensed massage therapist and craniosacral therapist, where she worked with many who had experienced trauma and emotional damage. That then led her to go into Kundalini Yoga and the White Tantric Yoga path. And from there she began to see the patterns of beliefs, fears, and traumas that restrict the flow of deep emotional intimacy in the dance of love and relationships.

It was a deeply personal journey that awakened within her the Divine Feminine essence and allowed her to move into the realms of Tantra and the wisdom of Vajrayana Buddhism.

Suzanne is not just a teacher, she is a keeper of many of the ancient teachings and traditions and is a master at synthesizing the esoteric wisdom into forms and exercises that make sense to the modern mindset.

This class is unlike any other you have experienced. It is filled with information that expands your mind and helps you see how you have been holding the energy of sexuality and intimacy. She gives you tools that you can use that open love and deepen intimacy.

Many have said that they have never been in the presence of someone who can literally speak so openly and authentically about sexuality and the deeper wisdom that comes from the passionate world that enlivens life.

This class is one to not miss. She does not teach this class often because honestly, only a few brave souls are at the place in their emotional and spiritual growth to even want to go into the scary places of the lower chakras.

Remember, “No Part of Yourself May Be Left Behind”. It is in deep passion that you cannot hide from yourself or from another. It is in deep passion that you discover the power that you have hidden from yourself and your God connection.

It is only through love and trust that you learn to become Authentic and whole.

Join us. Let us explore the dance of energy that is love and that has always been the glue that holds life together.

Cost of this class is $200 per person. 

Hours: 10 am to 6 pm both days. You are required to attend both days.

Snacks and drinks included in the cost of the workshop, plus a copy of Suzanne’s Book, “Becoming Authentic – Lessons in Tantra.”

There will be a break for lunch and the workshop is in the heart of Holladay. There are many options for lunch.

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