April 11, 2017

Numerology/Astrology for 4/12/17 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 4/12/17

4/12/17 is the number 8.

Let the number 8
remind you of your infinite state.
Within you lies a human self
that cries and cannot keep emotions on the shelf.
Within you is a power to be
if you don’t allow it to become greed.
It is the number of self-sacrifice,
it is the number where all things have a price.
Whether that is emotional or not,
you can only manifest from what you have brought.
It is up to you to be cruel or kind.
The 8 helps you notice to what you are blind.


This week flows relatively smoothly until Thursday when the Sun aligns with revolutionary Uranus. You might just have to step out of your normal routine on the 13th. Be eccentric and try something new. Go somewhere to be around people that are not in your normal lifestyle to see a different perspective. The moon moves into Sagittarius for the weekend. This supports visiting nature, parties and philosophical pursuits. Venus ends her retrograde cycle on Saturday, so the weeks ahead will help you move forward with shifts to your love and money goals.

The Moon is in Scorpio all day. You are likely to be quite bored with anything formal, stuffy, or dry with the Scorpio Moon in harmony with Neptune and a Sun-Uranus parallel influencing the day. Your imagination and ability to empathize are enhanced. You are more inclined to trust your intuition. The Sun is parallel Uranus today, and these two bodies will form a conjunction very early on the 14th. You want to stand out, experience extraordinary things, make a change, and improve ourselves. You need to make room for spontaneity in your life as you choose to seek out unique ways to express your deepest self.

~Suzanne Wagner~



There’s something
about a woman
with a loud mind
that sits in silence
smiling knowing
she can crush you
with the truth.

~RG Moon~
Say what you want and then if there is no response from others then it is time to do your own thing. Everyone is on their own path and there are moments when it overlaps and other times when you must go it alone. That is not a problem and it is not right or wrong it just is. Within each of us is a longing, a desire, and a purpose. When you know who you are and what you have to give then it is time to find the doorway to expressing that in the most powerful way possible. Do not wait for others to see it or acknowledge it. That is really irrelevant. You only need to know deep in your core what you are here for and move towards that goal actively. Those that want what you offer will move in your direction and those that are not ready will not notice your effort at all. That is not a negative reflection on you. It is a reflection of where they are in the universe and what their next steps are along their personal journey. All you can really know is yourself. All you can really know is who you are in the greater scheme of things and what you came here to do. Once you have done that then you will be called back home.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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