July 29, 2023

Intuitive Patterns For The Month Of August 2023

About the Author: Suzanne Wagner
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Aleister Crowley Tarot: Prince of Swords, Indolence, The Tower, Lust
Words of Truth: Anger, Cultural Conditioning, Sacred Fun
Mayan Oracle: Imix, Polarity
Medicine Cards: Rabbit, Horse
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Strength, Nine of Swords, Four of Swords
Osho Zen Tarot: Breakthrough, Healing, Celebration
Healing Earth Tarot: Strength, Emperor, Two of Shields


Seems this month we have a repeating theme, with the Strength or Lust cards showing up multiple times.
Often when things repeat in the cards, it is a type of exclamation point at the end of a sentence or paragraph. In other words, we need to pay attention to this aspect and dive deep into the complex meanings of this particular card.
What I find the most interesting is that this is the card that signifies, Leo and the month of August. And that is exactly where we are in this moment in time.
I want to begin with the more in-depth translation of this card from the Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot. In this interpretation, we see (what Aleister Crowley calls) the Scarlet Woman. She is a woman in rapture moving with the flows of passion and play. She moves like a wild animal and is intoxicating to watch. She rides a seven-headed beast that she controls because she understands the nature of passion and is unafraid. She recognizes that controlling life-force energy (sexual energy) is impossible unless you allow a certain amount of wild flow to move. When one understands passions natural flow then one can direct it but we should never pretend that we can control it.
This card counsels that there are forces in play that have not been tamed and those that were left unchecked have now created a world that is playing out some destructive and violent patterns and tendencies.
The fact, that in this month’s unusual spread we have three of the same cards (with various meanings) indicates a few obvious things.
Powerful forces of nature are clearly at work.
What does that mean to us? I expect the hurricane season to be shocking. I expect heat waves to become alarming, and I expect tempers to flare at the inadequacy of governments to appropriately respond to the crisis that now puts millions in peril.
This card is also the reminder that from nature’s destructive moods, always comes new life. And while weathering so many storms in the month of August might seem daunting, it will lead to new opportunities and powerful shifts.
What is also clear in the cards are the levels of suffering that some will encounter because of the gross inadequacies of those in power to address situations that are now becoming alarming.
The earth has a fever, she is sick and beginning a healing crisis. While some may freeze in fear (rabbit) others will want to reclaim the power that has been stolen from them (horse).
This month we will begin to see the coming together of governments that are willing to move in the directions that will help this world move towards laws that will provide for more control over the pollution issues that are destroying this world.
We will see many begin to get very angry and break out of this cultural silence that has been restricting constructive actions.
August shows us that believing in the egos that some present have been causing tremendous harm to all of life. We will begin to see some untangling themselves from positions that are toxic and that refuse to promote cultural acceptance and healing.
Breakthroughs are going to shatter the old constructs and force the hands of those that have been lining their own pockets at the expense of our world. It becomes clear this month, that they ask too high a cost. And now, the consequences are becoming ever more clear.
The Earth Mother (Imix) is showing us the polarity that we have created in crystal clear terms.
This month, expect a bumpy ride. Many things are buckling under the heat and pressures that have been allowed to build up. We will see some massive and major upsets. So, stay awake. Look to what you can personally do to make a better world and remember that we are all going to have to work together to solve this problem.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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