Intuitive Patterns for the Month of April 2017

Osho Zen Tarot: Sorrow, Understanding, Projections
Medicine Cards: Beaver
Mayan Oracle: Oc, Ix, Transformer
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Seven of Wands, Two of Wands, The Star
Aleister Crowley Deck: The Aeon, Victory, Death
Healing Earth Tarot: Five of Rainbows, Grandmother of Shields
Words of Truth: Creativity, Letting Go, Inappropriate Relationship

Prepare for April to be an emotional month. I know everyone is emotionally drained at the moment so even me suggesting such a thing is bound to make many of you want to not read any further.

There are moments in life that there are patterns that act in a series and that pattern once it is begun sort of takes on a life of its own. We are presently in a series of choices and situations that seem beyond our control and perhaps that is part of the lesson….for us to see that there is something bigger than our small attachments, ego, and desires at work in this world. And that in of itself should give us all hope. Bad things happen in life to show us where we are stronger and more resilient than we suspected. Bracing for such moments is what I attempt to do in my writing. And I attempt to do that in a detached, honest, and objective way. Unfortunately, that often means that I have to say things that some do not want to hear and that is the crux of this evolving pattern of astrology and cards this month.

First off, we are still in a Venus Retrograde until the middle of April and even after that Venus will still not feel like it is moving in the sky thus continuing some of this energy pattern longer than you might wish. We are in an interesting pattern of attempting to create and build and at the same time not feeling as if things are moving along at an expected pace. We are being transformed and to most of us it feels like a bit of a shock as we seem to keep getting struck by some emotional/metaphorical/spiritual lightening again and again.

These surges of energy are prepping you for the energy acceleration that is already happening on the planet. Energy shifts of this level and cosmic dimensionality are not comfortable. And yet it is only through being forced energetically to step beyond what is known and comfortable that we can see our own shallow perceptions that we have placed on others and this world. You are being freed from a cage that has kept you safe but has also drastically limited your potential.

There is a fight that is happening between your human self and your soul essence. And the ego inside your mind wants to fight to maintain its control over your reality. But it is failing. The iron clad grip of your ego is slipping and what you have been hanging onto, whether that is a belief, a perception, a piece of metaphysical truth, or an element of safety is falling away.

Only in the greatest personal deaths do we discover our true nature. Only by recognizing that the life you have lived is complete and knowing that now you must shift to this new life, can you find the peace and hope that you seek.

And yes, there is grief in that letting go process. It is okay to express your disappointment and loss of faith in yourself, others, and this world. But don’t hang onto that grief. Let the tears of loss bring you back to your vulnerable self. Only by coming back to openness and innocence can you receive the new insights and find that place of self-acceptance you are seeking. Hurt heals if you allow it time to mend. But you must not habitually scratch at those wounds or they bleed again and again and take much longer to heal.

Know that this is a time where the choices of people with a high degree of influence seem out of touch with the reality. Money and power isolates them from the “real” world and does not allow them the perspective that you might have hoped. Expect aggressive and high spirited public expression that is pioneering in its approach to break the leaded crystal ceiling of those with influence and status. Egos and those in power will attempt to drive their plans forward without the concern of consciousness or the softening of compassion. The lack of subtlety on the finer points might astound you but once again shows all of us how out of touch with the majority of humanity those in power actually are.

This can lead to you feeling overbearing and with very limited patience. Do your best to temper your emotions and remember that breathing first will help you control the darker emotions that might be coursing through your mind and body this month.

Remember that intense dissatisfaction leads to better times eventually. Just don’t expect miracles quickly. Listen to your heart not your mind. Listen to the subtle messages coming to you from nature. Reach out in a compassionate way to other people, animals, and organizations that attempt to support all of life.

It is often the small things that change the patterns that are obviously dysfunctional. You cannot directly combat certain energies but you can take energy away from them so they become no longer effective.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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