November 22, 2014

Intuitive Patterns For The Month of December 2014

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Osho Zen Tarot: Receptivity, Silence, Mind
Medicine Cards: Bear, Raven, Bat
Mayan Oracle: Greater Cycles, New Myth, Dissonance
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Eight of Wands, Princess of Swords, Three of Disks
Aleister Crowley Deck: The Empress, Knight of Disks, Indolence
Healing Earth Tarot: Man of Pipes, Three of Pipes, Death
Words of Truth: Fantasy Bond, Appropriate Time, Hatred

December is always a time of childlike fantasy and wonder but this particular month it seems that it is time to see the truth of something and step out of a particular illusion that is no longer serving you. That revelation will create a bit of dissonance but that is necessary to open to the new reality that is unfolding.

Part of the reason for all the drama is astrological. December is a big month, as we have the second to the last square between Pluto and Uranus on December 15th at 12 degrees of Aries/Capricorn, which can create a bit of a tug of war for those whose sign and degree that affects. We also have Saturn finally leaving Scorpio on December 23rd (But make a mental note that it will return for you later degree Scorpio’s on June 16th-Sept 18th , 2015), which gives us a lighter emotional tone as Saturn in Sagittarius is much more energetic. When outer planets change signs it is a big deal. Saturn is the authority and it deals with limitations. Saturn helps us build discipline. Saturn puts on the breaks to make sure that we are not getting too far ahead of ourselves. Now it is going into the more adaptable sign of Sagittarius, which makes it manipulative but also more receptive. This allows all of us to manage things better. It will give us the energy to project the energy of Saturn outward rather than how Saturn in Scorpio reflected things inward. Now this energy will give us the impetus to go forward with what you have been trying to accomplish. What this means is that coming into the holiday season there is going to be some great fiery energy pushing you out of your stuck places and it is going to propel you into new situations that can allow the old you to die in this time of darkness during the Winter Solstice and be reborn like the Bat again into the you that has been hidden and waiting.

Remember that we are all dancing with the patterns and energies that are swirling. These are here to help us flow and go. Do not get angry or go into blame as you break out of an old place. No one is to blame. Not even ourself. You are not ready until you are ready. Let go of the mind as it tries to figure it all out. Life always unfolds in its proper order.

The Raven is bringing back the magic and giving you access to your gifts from the spiritual domains. The Bear is allowing you to feel powerfully reflective and move with the subtle messages from your subconscious mind.

December is when the direction becomes clear and you pull that arrow fully into the bow and let go. In that moment a new possibility emerges and you will suddenly find that you have the energy to build towards this new goal.

The Man of Pipes is awakening that receptive silence within and helps us reconnect to the magical wisdom that we each possess. It is in the silence that we find the peace. It is in the protection of nature that we reclaim our innocence. Tranquility returns as you allow for a moment of reflection and appreciation. Let your family nourish your soul. Surround yourself with those that know and love you on the deepest and most intimate level. It is wonderful to feel loved and appreciated. Let it in. See with wonder the unfolding of your heart and spirit. Enjoy the Month of December.

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