November 12, 2014

Intuitive Patterns For The Month of November 2014

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Osho Zen Tarot: Consciousness, Beyond Illusion
Medicine Cards: Antelope, Skunk
Mayan Oracle: Imix, Cauac
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: The Emperor, The Tower
Aleister Crowley Deck: Adjustment, Swiftness, Completion
Healing Earth Tarot: Grandmother of Crystals, The World
Words of Truth: Joy Self Rejection, Independent Resolution

The energy flows of the last few months have been enormous and as such the Skunk medicine jumps into the forefront of this months pattern. How you handle your energy and how others perceive that energy is of great consequence for November. On one level it is important to have a calm almost nonchalance attitude just like the skunk. On the other hand it is not good to put on airs or have others feel as if you are acting superior to them. Notice if your actions are repelling or attracting others and make the necessary adjustments. It is time to take action and leap into something that is compelling you forward. Learning how to make conscious choices and move forward is what November is all about.

The Antelope indicates that your judgment is sound and your ideas are well thought through so now is the time to leap. If you feel that instinct to move then it is critical to follow your intuition because listening to the voices in your head will not get you to where you wish to go. Are you willing to commit to your chosen destiny? Everything is trying to move you in that direction. You have the power that you are seeking. All you need to do is to trust that energy and allow it to unfold a new possibility for you.

Last month the old world came tumbling down but what you discovered was a newfound clarity and confidence. You understand that you need to be the authority for you. You know that others cannot possibly see all the nuances that your soul is seeking out to express its uniqueness. This is that moment when you have to trust yourself and allow the force within you to expand you out of your comfort zone and into the more balanced reality that is calling you to wakefulness. There is a joy that happens when you reject the voices that have been limiting you and allow your spirit to find a new place of center and balance. From the place of knowing your autonomy you can discover the hidden resources that are right there waiting for you to pick them up. In this month you can step beyond the illusion of your old self and into a more whole and unified awareness.

As Osho would say, “The distinction between the dream and the real is that the reality allows you to doubt and the dream does not allow you to doubt.” This month let go of the doubt and allow the dream within you to gain momentum. As it gains speed and energy you will learn to trust a force that is the dream manifesting in your life.

Doubt keeps us small. Dreams show us the limitlessness that is the possibility. Yes, you might need to work at manifesting the dream but never doubt the dream.

The dream that I had as a child is finally manifesting in a clear and concise way now that I am 54. The bigger the dream the more time it can take to manifest. But in the overall scheme of things that dream has always remained resolute. It has been modified and shifted to accommodate the physical world because after all we are learning how to manifest things in this dimension. But the core expression of that dream has always remained the same.

Keep it simple. Feel into what you wanted as a child. Feel into that dream and allow it to have some air and energy. Allow it to evolve. You cannot manifest something if you are not passionate about it. Your younger self was less afraid and more connected to your authentic heart and that heart’s expression. Look at how your life has been a quest to uncover and discover what that dream self wanted to manifest. You have always been doing that dream. You have never stopped seeking it. That is beautiful. Thank you inner child for that. Deep in you is a wisdom that has never let you go, never forgotten its higher intended mission, and has not gotten distracted off the dream.

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