May 28, 2020


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Osho Zen Tarot:  Completion, Harmony, The Creator
Medicine Cards: Turtle, Turkey, Whale
Mayan Oracle: Muluc, Ben, Oc
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Five of Disks,  6 of Swords, King of Swords
Aleister Crowley Deck: The Moon, The Tower, Prince of Disks
Healing Earth Tarot: Grandmother of Crystals, Six of Shields, Grandfather of Crystals
Words of Truth: Exhaustion, Lying, Quantum Leap



Does “The End justify the Means?”

This phrase means that a good outcome excuses any wrongs committed to attain it.

But what about the reverse?

Does a bad outcome point accusingly at those and the means that they used that allowed it happen?

Well, I believe that we are about to find out.

Batten down the Hatches! June is coming in with waves of cataclysmic changes that are indicated by the coming of a triple eclipse series in June-July and all the planets moving retrograde.

Just as we have been (for two months) in a forced time out, we are moving towards catastrophe on a global scale. The likes of which none of us have seen.

So what is this going to look like? That could be anyone’s guess. I know that so many things are teetering on edges and about to go off the cliff, that it almost does not matter what starts it. But whatever event is the trigger, it will ignite a cascade of change and throw all the other elements that are unstable and out of balance… right off their edges.

If you look honestly at our present circumstances you cannot help but see that a shocking number of things are out of control, out of alignment, and ready to break. Not only does the astrology show this with graphic warnings as to where we are headed but the cards are at a level intensity that I do not often see.

All of life has cycles. Cycles of birth, life, and death. Presently we are in a massive cycle indicating that many forms of death are all around us. And while that is what we need to find the doorway that will allow for a very new form of existence, you cannot help but feel the tragedy that is unfolding globally and the suffering that many will experience.

First of all, what has been a great blessing is this forced time off that so many have desperately needed. The problem now is that people realize the level of exhaustion that they have been tenuously holding in their body. After two months of having the time to regroup and heal, it has radically rearranged our priorities.

Many realize that they would rather work from home. There is less conflict with difficult co-workers. There is the comfort of being in your own home, there is the ability to take a pause when you need one rather than when you are told. Business will never be the same because now even companies realize that they do not need big buildings or offices.

How much pollution would be minimized if we did not have to drive to work?

And many realize that they want a life… not a career. They want to enjoy their children, have a picnic, have some time rather than rush around trying to please managers and supervisors whose primary job is to push you to the point that you break and quit. (That way they don’t have to pay for unemployment)

This is a massive change unlike anything anyone has ever seen. The illusions that have been so carefully constructed to chain souls to desks is being revealed for what it is …. a fear tactic. And a very unnecessary one. People want to work. They just don’t want to be harassed, pushed, manipulated and made to feel guilty. They actually could work harder and happier without “big brother” holding a big stick over their head.

You can work and be happier. You can accomplish more with less drama if those “controllers” would recognize that their old way of handling things is a part of the problem.

This shift in consciousness …. the need to please … and the awareness that there is more to life – is going to shatter the old paradigm.

The Big Card in the Tarot to focus our attention this month is the Tower. The Tower card indicates a total breakdown of the old ways. The “Golden Handcuffs” of the promises in the stock market are going to collapse. Because the market bubble is going to burst. June and July sets the stage for a radical and sharp correction. If you want to be safe, protect your money to the best of your ability. Put it into very safe things that may have less payout but are solid, consistent, and safe.

The next big card to me is the Mayan Oracle Card “Muluc”. This is the card of eclipses and we are going into an eclipse cycle. The light is going away. The shadow takes control and darkens the sky making us fear the “Retribution of the Gods”. Mother Earth has already shown us how toxic we are to this world in the kindest way she could.

But are we listening? Many are not, and that is why June and July are going to make this massive correction for us. The suffering we have caused this world is karmically being reciprocated back at us. We were supposed to connect heaven and earth. We were not supposed to destroy earth because of our spiritual beliefs that we are some sort of superior “God”. Such arrogance must be addressed, shamed, and corrected.

We are about to be humbled and brought to our knees. The faster we kneel and accept the horrid truth of our self-deception, the faster this world can change and grow towards something magnificent.

There are many that are here to heal us, this world, and open us to our integrated potential. There are many seers that have been warning and awakening as many hearts as they can.

But there are those that fester darker intentions fueled by anger, righteousness, and indignation. They believed themselves the chosen ones. And perhaps they were chosen. Chosen to be the toxic virus that would infect hate and division into a world struggling to find wholeness and a new identity. They believed they were divine but that spiritual arrogance hid their darker side and destructive nature that had not been healed or integrated.

Values that humanity had unthinkingly accepted or rejected show their falseness and the true face of fear. Choices that were ego-driven, collapse as a house of cards that imprisoned your mind. The emotional drama that will unfold in June/July is to force us to take an honest look at our doggedness and ridiculous attachments to obsessive beliefs that are blatantly untrue.

The root cause of this moment is hate and fear. We used to have a choice. But now that choice has been taken back from us. We were given the keys to a kingdom of power and a glorious one. But now the Divine Mother is back and stripping those keys of power from us and removing us from a reality that does not serve this world.

What “She” creates from this tearing down of self-importance will be a world that I want to see and want to experience. But the transition is going to be harsh and painful.

Many years ago, I had a vision of a future. There were two worlds that were earth. One world was being destroyed by greed, resentment, hate, and fear. But there was another world that was coming towards this destructive world. And there would be a moment when we would be given a chance to leap out of the old world and into a world that was intended for humanity and all of life. But that leap would be a Quantum Leap. A leap to a level that without divine connection, complete trust, and the ability to leave everything behind, would be impossible.

“Leap into the light.
Discover that you have flight.
The old world holds you down.
Stability is not found on the ground.
You will find what it is you seek.
If you let love be the song you speak.”

~Suzanne Wagner~

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